Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A new start

What a way to get a new start?! This is the trailer I talked about a few days ago, the one with the snakes living on the inside and the homeowner didn't realize that even without floors, walls and ceilings that the trailer was structurally unsound???? She made the decision and followed through, even though it was tough. We called in Service International and they did the rest - in a matter of about 30 minutes!
Service International was started by a church. They come in with the demo equipment and take down homes that need taken down. All they require is a signature from the homeowner and away it goes. They tear it down and they remove the debris -- one stop shopping! What an amazing ministry! And every single thing is free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They were supposed to be leaving the area last week but their time was extended due to the need. They told me today that they have over 30 more homes needing destroyed! For us and the homeowners this is a good thing! This couple will now have the opportunity to explore their options and look toward a new home. It's a tough way to go but the reality of a disaster.
Today was a mixed bag! I started with a trip to Lowes to arrange more estimates for more homeowners. I don't know what I would do without Alex and the crew! They are just amazing! I took in a photo of Hai's before and after -- they were shocked and thrilled to play a part in the whole thing!
While at Lowes I had to pick up a few more materials for our Presbytarian team working on Victor's roof. They were having a couple of "issues" with the structure of the roof and a bit later in the morning I called Monty to go and advise them. He got the questions answered and got them moving forward. I admit that being on a roof when the temps are in the mid 80's and humidity even higher isn't the best place to be but they were troopers. They even had a woman working with them today!
From there I headed to Galveston to Marie's house. The Houston Foundation was to meet me there to see her home and hear more about the rebuilding process. They have provided funds for rebuilding and wanted to see some of the results first hand. It was an honor and privilage to meet them and have a chance to talk about some of the things happening and some things that are still needed. Marie and Amy were thrilled to be a part of the whole thing. Marie is still waiting for her electricity to be turned on --- any day now!
After Marie's I headed to Benjamin and Rita's. They had all of their paperwork ready for me to pick up and review. Even thought they received funds from FEMA and had some insurance money they still ran out and need work done before they can move in. They had everything in line and now I just have to do the paperwork on my end, present their case and pray we once again receive the check and are able to finish their home and get them back in.
My afternoon was spent with Twee and Kenny with V Families. We had cases to discuss, homeowners to meet and paperwork to complete. They address the social and economical needs of the Vietnamese community and our working together is a great match. They were heading to Hai's to offer her some more help when we finished.
Monty and Phillip were back at camp preparing more things for next weeks outreach and conference. Diane must feel as though her phone is permanently attached to her ear right about now! Things are coming together, schedules are working out and we pray the weather will cooperate! Please join us in that prayer (and more).
By the time we all got around to burgers for dinner (thanks for cooking Diane) we had a few laughs about the day and called it quits -- until our team of one man arrives tonight. Seems he is here to work for a couple of days before attending his own convention in the area. We hope to have him at the Vineyard church in Galveston to work a bit more on their newly tiled floors.
This day has been here and there, to and fro and forward and back. I actually think I met myself coming and going on interstate 45 but not sure I recognized myself! :)
It just never ceases to amaze me -- the blessing of working with those of like minds -- do what needs to be done to help the people! I think I see Jesus smiling!
Until next time . . . be blessed and take a look upward -- see Him smiling? Susan and Monty
PS Almost forgot -- Marie's daughter, Amy, had a huge box of pastries for all the guests this morning. She sent a large ziploc bag full of them back with me for this evenings dessert. I left them on the table in our camper and forgot to take them up to the kitchen. When Monty returned he found nothing but a few pieces of the plastic bags and found both dogs sitting in the corner of the couch -- crumbs still on their faces!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are now unable to move from the couch and are literally burping all the time!!!! :) Aren't dogs great !!!!

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