Thursday, April 16, 2009

She wants to keep him

All of this evenings photos were taken at Margie's house. You can see the work on the deck and ramp, she even tested it out later today to see how it worked and smiled the entire 12' down, they are priming the molding that will go at the top of the walls next to the ceiling, they primed the ceiling and need just a bit more material for the deck and it will be done. Margie has won the hearts of everyone there -- so much so that Stevo (in the photo with Monty) stayed behind this evening to get that first coat of primer on her ceiling! She has been up each morning, dressed in her pretty flowered shirts, shorts - complete with makeup and lipstick on - waiting for the team to arrive. She even told Ryan she could be his "Texas Grandma" if he would come back! It's this kind of hope that brings life to the homeowner! Tomorrow will be extremely tough for her, the last day for the team! It will be even tougher for the team! They just don't realize it yet.
Hai's house is nearly all tiled. Phillip and Matt will finish the bedroom tomorrow and possibly the bathroom? Jessie finished cleaning everything and doing some paint patching on walls and relocated to Margie's for the afternoon and will return there tomorrow. I was thrilled with the results of our unmet needs table at case management this morning -- another relief effort will be picking up the cost of her kitchen cabinets -- Praise the Lord for the extra dollars we will now have to use elsewhere! And even more good news -- we hear from our incoming team for next week that they have experience in installing cabinets and doing trim---guess where some of them will be working? Step by step we get closer and closer!
Laura's guys have the taping and mudding complete and even jumped over and helped Butch's guys for a bit while their last coat of mud was drying! They might be priming tomorrow. And next weeks team will be headed here on Monday to prime, paint and hopefully install her laminate flooring. If all that can happen she will be ever so close to coming home. We can skirt her trailer and build the deck after she moves in!
Walter is moving ahead at a speed that he never expected! The three young college men have taken him to a whole new level. He now has the back wall rebuilt and is teaching them so much about so many parts of construction. Tomorrow they will be taking one of our donated shower stalls to him. It will be installed later but we need to get it inside before too much framing takes place and it won't fit. We also will be sending a couple of volunteers back to work with him next week. His age (92), his ability to teach anyone anything and his ability to purchase all needed materials make him a great candidate.
And they just keep calling . . . yesterday I made three more visits. All in the Vietnamese community, all out of money, all used all money to rebuild and all ran out before it's done. We did find that most of them are willing and able to do their own work if they had the materials. I spoke with the long term recovery to see if we could approach case management in that direction and they thought it was a wonderful idea. In case management we are taught about keeping the client participating in their own recovery and what better way than allowing them to do their own rebuilding if they choose! We'll see how it all works!
As we look at wrapping up this week each team leader is making notations in their client notebooks. They make the notes for themselves and for the next incoming team. These notebooks have proven to be amazing at organizing the homes. Many thanks to our neighbor, Shelley, for not only coming up with this idea while she was here but for also going the extra mile and purchasing the materials to make it happen!
Be sure and stay tuned for Friday. It will be both joyous and sad -- but it will be a blessing beyond description!
Until then . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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