Thursday, April 09, 2009

She gave her life

Mercy Response says "the thing is not the thing", we tell volunteers that the rebuilding of the homes is secondary to the ministry that happens with homeowners, we encourage volunteers to drop their tools if the homeowner comes in and wants to talk or share their story, we've all heard the saying about preaching the gospel using words if necessary . . . all for a reason, all for a purpose!

A few weeks ago I had a volunteer come to me about a homeowner, telling me that homeowner did not know Jesus and asked me what I was going to do about it! My answer was to roll up our sleeves and SHOW them Jesus! He looked both puzzled and disappointed. He was ready to preach -- using words!

This week we have seen transformations that are nothing short of miracles. You all know that Hai is raising her 5 children alone. Her life is filled with turmoil, sadness, feelings of being alone, confusion, fear, loss . . . all together on any given day. She has been telling us that her 4th child, Peter, doesn't talk. They try and try to get him to do so but nothing! This week he spoke, and he spoke and he continued to speak. Phillip has been both laying tile flooring and grouting -- yet he has taken the time to spend with both Peter and Daniel -- time individually with them -- and Peter started talking! Miracle 1.

Daniel is only 2 years old and more than a handful. I think he alone could give the Super Nanny a run for her money! He is the 5th child, his father is gone, his home is gone, his mother is wearing more hats than the local hat shop and he is lost in the shuffle of it all. The only way he figures he can get attention (and have it work every single time) is to act out -- to be a trouble maker. He has thrown an egg through the open window onto the new tile floor, he has run his car through the newly painted walls, he has taken white paint and smeared it where it doesn't belong -- and a number of other things! This week he has been listening to Timothy, Phillip and Monty. He hasn't acted out with any of them. He has laughed and played and been quite a different little boy. Miracle 2.

Early this evening I received a phone call from Pastor Bob. He was in tears and just had to tell me what had just happened with Hai. I was afraid of what he was going to say and braced myself. He told me that she had just left his church (she isn't a member there but goes there for most any kind of assistance) As she was finishing faxing her paperwork she started telling him about all the volunteers that have come to help her. She talked of their devotion, their work, their smiles but most of all their love. She just kept telling him about it. He asked her what her relationship was to the Lord. Her answer, "I'm Catholic." He followed by asking her "if you were to die tonight are you certain you would go to heaven?" Her answer was a resounding "NO!" He ministered to her, they prayed and she gave her life to the Lord! They both prayed again, both with tears of joy! She will be baptized a week from this Sunday -- we WILL be there!

He wanted us to know. We want YOU to know! Those of you who have come and worked in her home, those of you who came and knew her even though you were working in someone else's home -- those of you who have never been here, have only seen her picture here on the blog -- those of you who have prayed for her! THIS is God! THIS is why we are here, why we started in this disaster "ministry", why we continue doing what God has us do and why we plan on continuing to do what He has called us to do for as long as He has us do it! THIS is what being the hands and feet of God is for! THIS is IT! Miracle 3!

The angels are rejoicing, God is smiling -- He welcomed one very special child into His family today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty


Anonymous said...

It does not get any sweeter than this post. Spreading the good news with our hands and then hearing of the Lord working. Blessing on all of you

Anonymous said...

Love to hear how god works through us when we don't even realize it