Tuesday, March 31, 2009

He passed all 5 tests!!!!

Yes -- Monty passed all 5 written tests for his CDL. We studied together last night, going over all the questions and him double checking the ones he missed. He was gone all day but made it through -- thanks so much for all the prayers. He will leave very early in the morning to do some practice driving a big rig in preparation for the written test -- more prayers!

Timothy and I headed off to Lowes to get Hai's cabinet details ironed out and finalized. It took a bit of shifting but we did it and decided to stay with the oak ones that are unfinished. I will be using a light oak stain/poly combination to finish them. They should be awesome, with a bit of luck. We worked on finishing the last of the second coat painting and also second coating the window and door trim. It really looks good.

By late afternoon it was time for Hai and I to travel to Home Depot to pick up all her floor tile and everything that goes with it. It took some arranging and then rearranging by their staff but we managed to get all of it on both our trucks. From there we headed back to get it all unloaded and staged for tomorrow morning when Gregg and Pam and Phil Jr. will be joining us and starting the tile process. Monty met up with us there and by the time we finished we nearly missed dinner as it was quite late. It also helped that her neighbor, Mr Carl, came over to help us. Boxes of 16" tile are quite heavy!

Marty and Phil Jr. finished up things at Naomi's. All that remains is for the counter top she ordered to come in. We are going to do a house blessing for her on Friday morning. It will be our second one -- we're on a roll!

Gregg finished tiling at the church and Pam managed to get Benjamin's all primed. It seems they have used all their FEMA funds so we will be gathering some more information and documentation from them, getting a full estimate as to what still needs to be done and taking it to the Long Term Recovery to request funding -- more prayers are helpful! Pam got to see just how excited homeowners become when they realize there might be more help for them -- that look of hope that is priceless!

As I said, tomorrow all of us will join forces to get the tile started at Hai's. With Gregg here to do the tile and Timothy to do the cabinets we need to take full advantage of their skills and get the work done! Should be an awesome day!

Until then . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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