Monday, April 20, 2009

Up, down, up

Yes, Bear Valley has returned - with new team members! They drove through snow and rain to get here but made it last evening. Travis and Ryan also returned from their weekend in San Antonio so we were back to a full house.
This morning we were all up and ready to go. With orientation and job planning covered last night it made getting up and out on Monday morning alot smoother. We were all blessed to welcome Pam back to do our cooking -- for the next 3 days!!!
This team is divided into 4 teams, Laura's, Hai's, Walter's and Margie's. Both Margie and Walter will probably be completed by mid week and those teams will be divided between the other two.
Walter got some insulation today, Laura is primed and nearly ready for paint and laminate flooring to begin, Margie's ceiling is done and her laminate flooring will also be done tomorrow or Wednesday and Hai's tile is nearly done and some is even sealed. Her cabinets will start going in tomorrow and possibly the bathroom plumbing will be complete.
All jobs were remarkably smooth but this team has been here before and knew what to expect and were prepared. It was great to see returning faces and even greater to see the new ones who came to see the blessings for themselves.
Our rains are completely gone and the skies filled with nothing but blue. With a north, dry breeze and full sunshine it's great for drying primer and/or paint and/or tile sealer so they all worked at great speed. We pray it will hold throughout the week.
This evening was spent with our nightly team meeting. This time the entire teams sat around the table in discussion and if they accomplish all they have set out to accomplish it will be quite the week!
Please keep them all in your prayers -- and pray for teams to keep coming. Our month of May is rather sparse and with all the houses in "waiting" we sure need the teams!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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