Friday, April 03, 2009

Crawfish and Completions

Taking a bunch of "yankees" down south is one thing -- taking them to dinner is an entirely different experience = FUN! Yes, the special at the one restaurant in San Leon is pleased to have crawfish season arrive. We took the crew last night and they all had a blast! It's fun to enjoy and good meal and laugh after a long day of work!

Today Monty had to be at the DMV at 2AM and wait in line until they opened at 8AM to be certain he would be able to do the driving portion of his CDL testing. He was 2nd in line and PASSED with flying colors! After a week of intense studying he accomplished his goal and is truly glad it's over! Good job Monty! Now all we need is the truck! :)

This morning we started off with our second home dedication. You can see Naomi, Diane and myself in the photo. Naomi lost everything in the lower level of her condo and nearly lost her entire condo as the one just to the front of her caught fire in the storm and burned to the ground. We have been sending teams in and rebuilt her entire lower level. All she needs is the kitchen sink and she is done. We wanted to bless her home before she completely moves back into the entire home and she was thankful we did. It's a great way to start the day.
From there the teams headed out. Terri's house is now completely painted. She did call first thing this morning and decided to change the trim color, it was too dark. Sandy and Doug got the entire thing done, the front room cleaned out and we are now ready to move inside with the next team. What a great job guys!
Diane and Pam painted in Benjamin's house and got it done.
The rest of us returned to Hai's to continue the ceramic tile, grouting and finishing of her cabinets. The tile is done except for a couple of bedrooms and the grouting is coming along fine. The cabinets are done and will go in next week --- especially since Timothy from Florida decided to extend his stay for another week and cabinets are his speciality! I see a God thing again!
Marty headed north to Austin to visit with family for a couple of days before returning to Indiana. He will only be in Indiana for a week before returning back here to stay for who knows how long!
The week has been an extremely busy one and I find it hard to believe it's Friday already! The teams have done incredible work and blessed homeowners beyond their wildest expectations! It is our prayer that the volunteer teams continue coming as we have homeowners on the waiting list and more calling every single day!
For Sandy and Doug -- we thank them for being the hands and feet of Christ to Terri this past week. We pray for protection as they head back to Washington very early tomorrow morning.
For the rest of us we pray for a bit of needed rest and a blessed weekend. Same for all of you wherever you are!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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