Tuesday, April 14, 2009

They just keep coming

Yes, even more volunteers came today! Ryan from Wisconsin made it and his friend, Travis, who is living here in Houston also came to help.
Our 2 newest men from Indiana went to start helping Walter. Walter is our 92 year old gentleman who built his house many years ago. The back addition blew completely away and he doesn't want to rebuild it. He is content to repair what is left and with the help of these guys he will get a good start this week. There will be one more guy flying in this evening and he will join these two at Walter's tomorrow through the rest of the week.
Hai's house continues to get floor tile. I don't know how Phillip spends every day, all day, on his knees and is still able to walk! Maybe being only 21 helps?? Matt and Jess were busy grouting and helping clean the back porch -- what an improvement. They were also treated to an authentic meal which each one was more than thrilled with!
Margie is getting her new deck and ramp -- after quite the afternoon of digging through some mighty tree roots! Her bedroom ceiling is also sheetrocked and will be finished tomorrow. They also enjoyed quite the "lunch" of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cornbread and chocolate cake! Margie was up at 6am starting the meal! Funny how her aches and pains didn't get in the way of cooking for the guys!!!
The guys at Butch and Teresa's not only learned to lay carpeting they grouted and tiled the bathroom floor and were learning to trim doors! The learning curve jumped up a knotch and they passed with flying colors. They were treated to a "lunch" of steak, shrimp and the works!
Laura's team got a lesson from Monty in hanging sheetrock and were very pleased to welcome Travis to their team. He has plenty of experience to lend to the team. They feel like they are getting a better handle on the process now.
As you can tell, the day was more than busy and yet amazing! All the team members are learning and learning and then learning more. I love to see God working through the homeowner into the teams!
You might think the teams are being spoiled with all the great lunch menus -- it's the only way the homeowner has to say thank you! Most all of them LOVE to cook something special to "try" and say thank you -- and college guys do love to eat! Another perfect match!
Tomorrow is the day where everyone is working full steam ahead. They even decided to move the dinner hour an hour later -- just so they could work a little longer and get more done!
Be sure and stay tuned!
Until then . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty
PS Don't forget to get your taxes in before the deadline tomorrow --- and yes --- I am working on ours as I write this!!!!!! :)

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