Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Heavy Work brings Heavy Rains

They were back early this morning.  They even called when they were on their way with a list of materials they needed.  Off I went and they were already working when I got there.  Pastor Randy and Candy were right behind me and jumped in.  The shingles were going up quickly.

Necessity is the mother of invention and this invention worked great.  Pastor Randy backed up his truck, they stood a ladder in the bed with a gentleman holding it to help steady it while Pastor Randy put the shingles onto the porch roof where the other gentlemen could reach them to install on the roof.  Those bundles are extremely heavy and each man remembered "the day" when they weren't so heavy and much easier to handle!    :)

Meanwhile, Candy and I were having a teaching lesson on gutting.  The back 2 bedrooms still need the walls and subflooring removed and she was eager to learn.  It only took a couple of minutes and she had the process down and was working away.  Notice that she is wearing a mask -- we found plenty of black mold in the walls and to her surprise --- when removing parts of the ceiling she had raccoon "debris" falling from above!  Waste debris --- which thankfully brought a smile to her face!  Now that's a real woman for you!!!!!  

By lunchtime the skies opened up and poured down rain.  Just in time for the team to head to lunch.  When they got back the sun was peeking through --- but --- in about an hour another downpour brought things to a halt.  The lightning and thunder and buckets of rain were enough to stop everything!  The streets were flooding and at one point we had small hail.  Same thing happened this evening and it was a bit scary!

I have no doubt the team will be back again tomorrow and ready to pick up where they had to leave off.  The roof looks beautiful and I still stand amazed that this team replaced 39 roof rafters in one week!  A miracle to say the least.

Remember to keep covering them in prayers as they travel an hour and a half each way -- just to show the love of Jesus in a very practical way!

Until next time . . . oh -- almost forgot -- I got all my hair cut off today!  Shorter than it's ever been and I love it!  Will show you a picture maybe tomorrow!!!!!               Susan and Monty

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