Friday, May 25, 2012

Bam --- It's my birthday!

From yesterday -- Shannon with his chainsaw cutting away at the downed trees at Don's.  You can get an idea of the immense size by the trunk he's near!

AJ packs the cut logs to Shannon's truck.  When I ask Shannon if this type of work was in AJ's job description he said only one word describes his job = "everything."    :)

And today was (is) my birthday.  As I write this I've only got 15 minutes left so . . .

It has been a great day!  Monty and I started off with a couple of quick errands, some breakfast and then we headed to the shooting range.  I was anxious to see if I could score Rifleman again.  Shannon had everything ready for us -- including a small cooler with ice and a big bag of pretzel M&M's inside!  My absolute favorite!  He had an awning for us to put up and some cardboard "person" targets to use for our pistol practice.

It was a great morning and although the heat was quite intense by the time we left we had a really good time!

On the way home, headed up the highway, we heard a sound that seemed to come from underneath my truck.  Within seconds we knew -- the back tire had blown!  So . . . it's a good thing I keep the local towing shop's phone number in my phone.  They were on their way when I got a phone call from Pastor Randy.  He had just passed us and turned around to see if he could be of any help!  You bet!  We unloaded all the guns and equipment and Monty into his truck so he could take Monty home.  Within minutes the tow truck was there and had my truck loaded and we were rolling to drop it off at the tire shop. 

As we were traveling the driver was curious about our disaster relief signs on the truck.  We talked quite a bit and his main question was, "how do the both of you survive being volunteers?  How in the world do you keep your bills paid?"  I told him God always seemed to provide and by the amazed look on his face I don't think he fully comprehended it.

When we arrived at the tire shop he unloaded my truck and was getting ready to drive off.  I caught him and asked him where my bill was as I could take it to my insurance company and get reimbursed.  He just waved and said it was his contribution to our ministry!!!!  No charge!!!!!  And when I gave him a hug and told him that is was because of people such as himself that we are able to pay our bills --- I think he got it!

Monty came and picked me up and we had barely enough time to get home, showered and head to Columbus to have a birthday dinner with my mother, brother and his girlfriend.  We had reservations at one of the nicest places in town where both my neices work.  The food was delicious and we were done in just enough time to get to the music concert my best friend was having to remember the tornados one year ago.  Her sisters house was heavily damaged but is all rebuilt and in great shape now.  My aunt joined us there and we all had a good time.

My truck will be done tomorrow -- it requires 2 new tires (ouch) but I know that as always -- God will provide!

It's now midnight -- my birthday is over -- and I am blessed!!!!!

Until next time . . .            Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

What a wonderful birthday blessing! Happy birthday my friend!