Tuesday, May 08, 2012

God's limitless provision

One of the first few things that came to mind when I hurt my ribs on Friday morning was that something really big must be about to happen since satan was attacking so fiercely.  I was right!

The night before I got hurt Monty left for a long weekend mission trip back to Mississippi to continue helping our friend Pastor Ken rebuild the Christian retreat camp.  4 men from another local church also went.  They had a big 15 passenger van so Monty was able to sleep most of the way down and back.  Those men gave it all they had!  They worked from sun up until after midnight most days and were able to literally set up a "factory" where they mass produced bunk beds for the cabins, cleared debris and did more than I could possibly list.  All were way more than tired, pretty beat up and yet filled with joy when they returned home late last night.  As soon as I figure out how to get the pictures off of Monty's phone and onto my computer I will post them.

Today I once again missed Bible study . . . but . . . God showed up in a way that was so overpowering and so joyful!  The Southern Baptist Conference Disaster Relief came to take a look at the 5 menacing trees on his property.  These trees have been so stressful for me because one of them literally hangs over the house and has a broken branch threatening to fall on his brand new roof.  We have had numerous people come and take a look at removing them but everyone looks and then sighs and says they are just too big for them to handle.  But God . . . and the Southern Baptist!  This morning George and Terry drove up from New Albany, Terry living in Henryville and told me he lost the roof on his own house in the tornado, and decided this was just the project for them!  They not only have the manpower -- they have the equipment!  Both Don and I couldn't believe our ears when they agreed to do the job!  Pastor Randy's church will house them for the couple of days that they will be here and will also help out with food and necessities they will need.  Mark will head up our Saturday work day this weekend where we will be doing mass cleanup all around the house to prepare for the arrival of the tree removal equipment and the men.  I cannot thank Mark enough for his planning and putting that plan to work!!!!  He and his wife, Teresa, not only worked on Billy's house when we were rebuilding it - they have worked day and night on Don's and will continue to do so as we move to the work on the inside!  An amazing couple who have hearts to help others in their deepest needs.

No doubt Pastor Randy and his "daughter" Kandi will continue to work on the roof and anything else needed.  I must apologize to Kandi for the misspelling of her first name!  And when you see "daughter" in parentheses --- she isn't "blood" related --- but is his daughter none the less!  God has blessed Kandy and Pastor Randy and his wife with this extended family and you can see the love in their eyes constantly!  I love how God is all about relationships and how He weaves us all together!

As soon as we finished up at Don's I headed off to get John set up with his job of cleaning out our new "warehouse" that I pictured a couple of days ago.  It was filled with trash but that doesn't bother John.  He dug right in and had the job done in a few hours!  It's now ready to store our tools and items we have been trying to cram in our own storage barn -- and our house!  Much thanks John!

I had to call Jane, with Catholic Charities, to tell her the great news of Don's trees.  As we were talking she asked me how we were coming with Michael's trailer rebuild.  I told her we were doing fine and were just waiting on funding to come in so we could finish the kitchen and get him moved in.  What she said next caused me to need to sit down!  She donated more than enough funding for us to get the rest of the cabinets, the counter tops, the kitchen sink and faucet and the exterior paint.  And with the donation from my parents on Sunday ---- there will be funding remaining to put towards the appliances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Absolutely amazing!

My next call was to Rob to let him know he could plan on working at Michael's on Saturday and then to Michael!  Both are more than ready!  Rob has been the lead on this entire project and again, without him and his heart of love --- I don't even want to entertain that thought!  I do wish I could clone him!!!!!!!  But somehow I just don't think the cloned Rob would be as good as the real Rob!

And this is only Tuesday!!??

I love how God works.  I love how He continues to provide just what we need at the exact time we need it.  How He knows.  How He cares.  How He loves!

We doubt, we worry, we stew, we fret, we think, we plan, we mess up . . . and all the while He just loves and provides and forgives and loves us even more!

I pray both Don and Michael will feel all this love God has for them.

I pray that each and every volunteer will feel the love God has for them.

And if you are in the area and would like to help us with clean up day at Don's this Saturday . . . let me know and I'll give you the address.  I know God will be there and if you come on over you just might meet Him!!!!

Until next time . . . super thanks to everyone involved in all these projects and most of all . . .  Thank you Lord !!!!!!   You're the best!

Susan and Monty

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