Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another Plan B

Well. . . how well I know about truck "issues" and it seems the men who were planning on coming and taking down Don's 5 trees tomorrow have exactly that!  The truck that hauls their heavy equipment is broken down.

So . . . they will not be coming up tomorrow or Friday and will see about next week.

Plan Bs are used quite a bit in disaster relief.  I can't say I like them but atleast we have a plan B.

Pastor Randy has injured his back and his doctor does not want him up on the roof (surprise, surprise) so we are also a bit delayed in completing the shingles.

But . . . I have learned that what we think is a delay is not at all.  God has perfect timing so we will wait for that timing.

Until next time . . . I will be painting our IGO storage barn tomorrow!     Red!      Susan and Monty

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