Thursday, May 10, 2012

MS and Michael miracles

As promised, here are some really good pics of Monty's trip to Mississippi with the men from Genesis church.  They were a great team and did even greater work while there.  You can see the bunk beds they mass produced, see them working the machinery Pastor Kenny rented for them and see an overview of the camp. 

Men and their smart phones!!!!!!   

What an assembly line they got going!

Bandanas help soak up the sweat -- MS is HOT this time of year!

Those piles of tree debris (which appear to be quite small in this picture) are actually nearly 30 feet high!!!!!

Once again -- many thanks to Genesis church and this team of men who worked in hot and tough conditions and put their beliefs into actions.  You all did an amazing job, made miraculous progress and helped change the lives of those campers who will be attending camp this year -- not to mention Pastor Kenny himself!!!

And . . . an update on Michael.  It didn't take me long to spend the funds donated by my mom and Catholic Charities!  I spent nearly 4 hours yesterday getting all the rest of the cabinets, the kitchen sink, the sink faucet, the exterior paint and border color and ordering all the counter tops!  I had everything but the counter tops in the bed of my truck and with the help of Michael's neighbor -- we got them all unloaded and placed inside the house ready for Rob to come and install this Saturday!  His kitchen looks amazing already and I can't wait to see the final result.  The counter tops will take a couple of weeks but that will give us plenty of time to have everything else ready for them.

Michael had a smile on his face that I know is impossible to remove!  And THAT is what this is all about!

Rebuilding lives by rebuilding homes (and camps)!!!!!  The best "job" in the world!

And Don's ---- Pastor Randy will be back later this afternoon to continue work on the roof.  John will be going to give him some extra hands and feet (and muscle).  The tree removal is scheduled for next Thursday and Friday!!!!!!

Praise the Lord for all the miracles He continues to pour down!!!!

Until next time . . . blessed to be a blessing!!!!                       Susan and Monty

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