Friday, May 18, 2012

Jim Carey's "Majestic" Grandmother

Okay -- so it's sideways???  I corrected it but . . .

It's done!  Yesterday shows you the "before" in case you can't see what I'm talking about.  I had fun painting it but did get a bit shakey when I had to use an extension ladder to get all the way to the top!

When I finished today I headed to take Monty a sandwich at the job he was working on.  He was replacing some faucets and doing plumbing work for Ms Maudie.  What an amazing lady!  Guess where she spent her 77th birthday (back in 2001)?  She played Jim Carey's grandmother in the movie "The Majestic"!!!!!!   She told me the entire story of going to audition and how they filmed for 3 months and because she had a speaking part, even though it was only 5 words, her paycheck was a real paycheck!  It was such an honor to meet this little lady and for her to share such a wonderful experience with me!

After coming home and mowing lawns for 3 of my neighbors I finally got to check email and found out that the article on Don's rebuild was in the Indiana Daily Student newspaper.  If you would like to read it and see the pictures you can look it up on Facebook and scroll down a bit to the article where you will see a picture of Don and me.  If you don't do Facebook you can put in the following web address


That should take you there as well.  Looking it up on Facebook is alot easier!    :)

Helping to making my day today was hearing from Tom, our Hartsville team coordinator, saying they are planning on returning next week to continue working.  And major note to self --- even if you wear gloves and pull up poison ivy while cleaning up Don's yard --- you will still get it!  On my face, arms and back so far!!!!!  Yuck!!!!

Also making my day -- today is my grandson's 7th birthday!  He is so excited as his mom, my daughter, took snacks to kindergarten.  And all he wanted to do this evening was have a family picnic at the park and then go for ice cream.  His party is tomorrow afternoon, SpongeBob SquarePants themed!!!!  Where do the years go?

Until next time . . . many thanks to the Indiana University students who came and visited with Don and really did capture the heart of disaster relief!!!!                     Susan and Monty

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