Tuesday, May 29, 2012

No "I" in team

It's taken a team over the past few days.

Tom and his team worked on Friday, my birthday, and I was nowhere around.  They had all the materials they needed as I had brought in a load the night before.  Don even worked with them this time and he is thrilled with his new bedroom windows.

Today a miriad of things happened -- all with me out of commission. 

Lowes delivery of the special ordered counter tops arrived at Michael's and the Lowes commercial sales men themselves were there to unload them. Michael reports that they look really good and will look even better when Rob gets them set this Saturday.

Tom and team returned to Don's to continue the roof work. This time they did need materials and Don stepped up and had what they needed right when they needed them. 

Even though Tom will be gone for the rest of this week and in Florida next week the work will continue. 

I talked with Mark today and he will gather a team to start working on the inside.  We need to remove the destroyed carpeting in Don's master bedroom along with parts of the walls and ceilings.  Then we will be ready to start rebuilding it.

Also today I received a phone call from a woman who also went through the tornado last year and still needs some work done.  They are still working on their home but lost their storage barn.  The Amish came in and built another storage barn but the old one needs torn down.  This will take a team of volunteers --- with no experience.  I told her we would start reaching out and see what and who we could find.  This is called reaching . . . anyone interested?????

So even though I was out of commission things are moving forward --- just like they are supposed to.  Disaster relief is always team work and the past few days have been wonderful examples of that!

My thanks to everyone who stepped up and stepped in to help and keep the progress moving forward!!!!!

Until next time . . . time to rest and get my blood sugar back to normal and blood pressure up.  I thank God for a completely clean bill of health.  Doc said all was okay and "see you in 10 years!"  God is good!!!!!

Susan and Monty

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