Thursday, May 24, 2012

All over the place

Sorry no pictures tonight!  Hopefully tomorrow?

We were both up and out early this morning.  Monty had a doctors checkup (all is great) and then an estimate to do.  This one was for installation of a 20 ft metal awning over a trailer porch and ramp and installing a new entry door.  The awning could be tough but . . . he'll do it to perfection!

I started with mowing.  Seems that's nearly a daily thing.  I wanted to get started early as I had a powerwashing job to get to.  Susie's storage barn needed cleaned before I paint it.  Hopefully I can get it painted late next week.  Monty built a set of steps with a landing for her a few weeks ago and she has become a real friend.  She has a list of "to do's" for both of us!!!!     :)

Before I could even get finished I had a call from Tom (Hartsville) saying he was on his way here to do a bit of work on Don's roof and make final detailed plans for the team of volunteers he is bringing back tomorrow.  They wanted to reframe the areas for new windows in all 3 bedrooms and needed the materials.

After talking with him I headed to Lowes to pick out the windows.  We're going to put a double window in his master bedroom and single ones in each back bedroom. 

When I arrived with my load Mark was already there with Tom and planned on working with him through the evening.  Within a few minutes Pastor Randy also showed up.  Seems his back is quite a mess and so he won't be able to help much on the job.  Please keep him in your prayers.

And I also discovered both of Monty's coworkers at Don's.  Shannon had his chainsaw and AJ was helping load the wood from the downed tree.  Shannon not only heats his house with wood, he uses it year round because he also heats his water heater with wood.  He will continue getting as much as he can haul and when we take down the other 4 trees next week (hopefully) he will be able to work as much as he wants and take as much as he can haul.

By the time I got home it was past dinner time.  We did get a bite to eat and now I am ready to end this day.

Tomorrow?  I am really looking forward to!  It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!  Monty made plans for us both to NOT work (think that plan will hold up?) and we will be going target shooting in the morning, have a nice lunch somewhere and then come home to clean up and head to see my parents and attend a concert put on by one of my best friends to remember the tornado that struck here one year ago tomorrow.  Yes, the same one that hit Don's house also hit my friend's sister's house which is right next door to my parents' house.

The day will be a busy one.  The day will be a fun one.  I enjoy my birthday every year and don't care what the number might be -- I am loving life and that's all that counts!  God saw fit to love me enough to bring me into this world and the least I can do is thank Him and honor Him by enjoying that day!

Until next time . . . as my dad would say, "happy birthday eve."               Susan and Monty

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