Saturday, May 12, 2012

Transforming the Outside

There may have been only 5 of us in numbers --- but we did the work of 4 times that many people -- and had a blast at the same time!

It was work day at Don's.  All in preparation for the tree men to come in Thursday.  I think even they will be shocked at how different things look, how much better they are.

Mark and John decide there is a way to move a huge log!  Wrap a rope around it, drag it through the yard and then just plain man-handle the thing onto the burn pile!!!!

Machette Mark!  In order to clear the overgrowth in what used to be Don's dog pen Mark took matters to a whole new level --- and it worked wonderfully!

John takes apart the pen sides and we stacked them on the side of the garage.  Don plans on giving the whole thing, including the dog house, to his brother so his little dog can enjoy more of the outside.

Teresa hauls away a big bunch of debris from Don's side yard.  The pile is nearly as tall as she it but no match for her determination.

The Indiana University newspaper called and wanted to come out today and get some info so they can do an article.  They were there over 2 hours and interviewed Don -- in great detail -- and then each of us.  They had their jaws on the ground most of the time!  In the end they decided this article of theirs was NOT going to be a short one!  I challenged them to come back when it's all done and do a follow up!  They agreed!  Don said the most important thing the volunteers do --- bring hope!!!!!  My heart was happy --- he "got it".

John and Mark decided to use my big red Ford and relocate the shingles that will be in the way of removal of one tree.  As usual -- the Ford got the job done!!!!    :)   Especially after having repair work done over the past 2 days.  Out of the shop and ready to work!

Jerry joined us in the afternoon and came ready with his chainsaw.  He was able to remove some of the smaller trees and was extremely helpful.  The man sure knew how to use his chainsaw!  Not an easy task and something we never allow anyone to do unless they are very experienced.  He was!

Mark and Teresa pose amidst some of the tree debris they are hauling to the burn pile!  I love their bright yellow Southern Baptist Disaster Relief shirts!

Last, but not least -- girl power on the job!!!! 

Many thanks to everyone who came out today and made such a great difference.  Yes, the yard looks a million times better --- but --- you are truly rebuilding Don's life by rebuilding his house (and his yard).

Until next time . . . don't forget that tomorrow is Mother's Day!!!!  I don't know about you but I sure do love my mom and am thankful to God for me getting to be her daughter!!!!!

Susan and Monty 

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