Monday, May 21, 2012

Birthday! Birthday!

My grandson celebrated his 7th birthday Saturday.  We had a blast watching him play baseball and enjoy his first party where he invited school friends.  The noise that comes from 10 kids makes all adults glad my daughter and son in law have a basement!  It was alot of fun and I'm sure he's still discovering presents.

Today is Little Bitty's 11th birthday.  Can't you see how thrilled she is to be wearing her birthday hat!

And . . . Samson and Solomon are even less than thrilled to be sharing in the party!  I think I better save the hats since Solomon will be 1 on Sunday!

Today I heard from Tom, our team leader of the Hartsville team.  He is putting together some men and will hopefully be coming over this Thursday to continue the work on Don's house.der

Also coming to Don's on Thursday?   The men who will be removing one of Don's trees.  Yes, the Southern Baptists are still working on geting their equipment repaired and will be coming over to remove the remaining 4 trees.  This is a separate case.

In order to remove this particular tree we were going to need to access the adjoining property, which belongs to the county water company.  They insisted we provide them with a certificate of insurance.  This isn't possible as all the organizations involved operate with volunteers only = no insurance.  So it required another plan B and this is it.  With this plan the insurance is covered so = success!

I also had another meeting this afternoon.  We are still in the process of my becoming the director for the local Monroe County Community Organizations Active in Disasters (MoCOAD).  We rescheduled this months meeting until next month to allow us to get all the details taken care of and for me to put together an agenda for next month.  Tomorrow I will sign the final documents necessary and hopefully "get this show on the road".  My initial plan is to sort of "redefine" the COAD and use this redefining to educate and regroup.  I have alot of ideas and pray God will lead me in the direction He would have me, and this organization go.

Tonight is also a "milestone" in the life of my mother.  For the past 21 years she has been the director of the Hot Meals served every single Monday night at their church.  These meals are open to anyone and everyone needing a good hot meal.  Some weeks they have 50 people, some weeks nearly 90.  We all know times are tough and my mother has dedicated herself week after week to making sure these meals are just that --- meals.  No cold sandwiches on her watch!  The people who come have been so very blessed by not only her food, but her heart for them.  She has gone above and beyond in this entirely volunteer position.  I don't think even her church knows all the work and heart and love she has put in over the past 21 years!

To my mom --- you are an amazing example for me and I honor you and thank you for making such a positive difference in not only these peoples lives -- but in the world around us!  I love you and know God has some very special jewels in your crown!

Until next time . . . what are you doing to make a positive difference in our world?   
Susan and Monty

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