Friday, May 11, 2012

Preparation for Work Day at Don's

The front of our house!  The colorful lawn chairs?  Yep -- I discovered spray paint for plastic and had some fun.  The neighbor told me today that every time she looks at our house she can't help but smile!  That's the reason I painted them!!!!

Monty taking a look at all the trash coming out of our little storage shed.

Look very closely and you will see John in the "loft" of our storage shed.  He did an amazing job of getting it all cleaned out and ready to use.

Michael's "partial" kitchen.  We are awaiting the counter tops but in the meantime -- creativity!  Micheal made it possible for him to use his microwave and a small refrigerator. Those counter tops will cover this area and then make a turn to the right to create a bar area.  Rob will be building a support frame underneath the bar area to support the tops.  You can also see the opening in the cabinet area between the drawers.  This is where the sink will set and the opening will enable Michael to roll right up to the sink and work.

This is the other side of his kitchen -- waiting for Rob!  Tomorrow will be more cabinet installations for Rob as once again he will return to put this home together for Michael.  These are setting where they will be placed and then another counter top will cover them.  They are on the opposite side of the kitchen -- you can see the back entry door opened.  They will have 4" cut from the bottom of them to make them the proper height for Michael.  That will bring them underneath the window.  This will be an additional work area for Michael and alot more storage.  As I have said before, everything is custom designed for Michael's use!

And tomorrow is our big work day at Don's house.  We are believing that alot of people will come out and help us get ready for the removal of the trees to begin Thursday.  There is alot !!!! of work to be done, all cleanup.  No skills are required and the notice was in this weeks paper so . . .  time will tell.  The weather is forecast to be perfect so please keep this -- and all the projects going on -- covered in prayers!

Last, but not least, my almost 4 year old granddaughter after her spring music concert at school a few nights ago --- priceless!!!  At first she told her parents that she was not going to sing, only dance.  But she did sing, and when the teacher put the microphone up to her little face she sang out and nearly brought tears to all our eyes!!!

Next week will be her older brother's concert -- another priceless evening!

Until next time . . . blessings and love to all.                                   Susan and Monty

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