Monday, April 30, 2012

Shingles --- the good kind!!!!

What a Monday!  Not only was Pastor Randy back and he brought his daughter, Mark and his wife Teresa also came to work!  They are the directors for disaster relief at church and their bright yellow shirts really looked good!

The Hartsville 3 were back and rockin and rollin first thing in the morning!

They got started with the final rafter replacements.  39 in total -- and just on one side!  Every single rafter!!!!!  And they said it couldn't be done???!!!!  

John joined the team again and helped Tom get all the drip edge installed.

John also helped Mark finish the cleanup in the family room from the ceiling removal on Saturday.  They had to shovel the debris into the trash can and then dump it in the dumpster.  A really dirty and dusty job but it looks great when complete.  See for yourself in the below picture.
Teresa and Pastor Randy's daughter were amazing and showed everyone that women DO have a place in disaster relief!  Go girls!!!!

And just to reassure Ron's wife -- he does not spend alot of time on a ladder!!!    :)    I know today was probably his last day and we are so thankful for his heart of service, his patience and his always smiling face!!!!!!
The rains held off --- just long enough!!!  At 5pm the skies opened up but not before the team could put up the first row of shingles.  Look closely at the bottom of the roofline and you will see them.  Be sure and stay tuned for tomorrow as you will be able to see alot more of them!!!
Also this afternoon I had a meeting where I officially became the director of the Monroe County Communities Active in Disaster!  I am really excited about this new opportunity to bring our home community together to learn about disasters, what to do, when to do it and how to help the people when they need it most.  Please keep me in your prayers that God's will be done in this new venture.

And I just had to show you this picture from the trailer park where Monty was building a set of steps for Susie --- and notice the half eaten Snickers bar in the back of the trap.  They catch the groundhogs and then take them out into the wild and set them free.  This rather large on appears to be ready to take his trip.
Until next time . . . good job team!!!!  You are rebuilding a life by rebuilding a home!!
Susan and Monty

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