Wednesday, May 02, 2012


With the pouring down rains yesterday afternoon and heavy thunderstorms last evening our Hartsville team took a day off --- a much earned day off!  Before the rains washed them out they were able to complete all the roofing on one side of Don's house and it looks beautiful!

They have the broken chimney down and ready to rebuild it.  It's not a working chimney as there is no longer a fireplace inside.  It's the vent for the heating and air so the volunteers will rebuild it properly for it's actual use.

They will return tomorrow to continue stripping the shingles off of the other side of the house and get the reroofing underway. 

But today --- even though he didn't know the team was off --- John called me and was already there working outside cleaning up debris -- a huge task!  I stopped by to give him a plan and it ended up that he worked all day long! 

Mark also returned and between the both of them they not only got most all of the debris cleaned up -- they cleaned up from the bedrooms being gutted and even brought a mower and weed eater to work outside in the extremely tall grass!!!!!

They transformed the outside and I am so thankful to the both of them for the dedication and service!  They are truly examples of hearts of love for others!

So --- tomorrow we are back on the roof --- the temps are to reach 90 degrees and no rain is forecast!

Until then . . . many thanks to John and Mark for today!!!!!!!              Susan and Monty

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