Friday, March 16, 2007

We made it! It's done!

Yes, we made it!
What a final day it was! The energy was so high it probably lit up the sky. Everyone was pumped for the final push, and final push it was!
First thing this morning the men decided to order concrete and pour a new driveway! Not an easy task when decided on the spur of the minute but as always, God stepped in and all was taken care of. The concrete company was so touched by what was happening that they donated their concrete. It looks so fantastic and will make using Mike's wheelchair so much easier. The ramp rolls right out onto the drive, perfect!
The inside came together piece by piece. The men were still plumbing under the house and all went well. The kitchen turned out fantastic, the bathrooms are beautiful, the heating and air men worked until they got it done, the donated top soil for the yard came in and after the entire yard was grated and leveled it looks wonderful!
The landscaping is going in tonight, yes, he is working in the dark with lights, determined to make it beautiful! All of the plants are periannials, which means they will come up each year, always growing larger and more beautiful! There is a large front yard now since we moved the house back quite a bit. It will be lined with shrubs in the front also.
Everyone pitched in, women along side of the men, all with one goal = get it done!
The final step is the carpeting, going in as I write this! Once again, the gentleman donating his time and skills to the glory of God! It just doesn't get any better!
Tomorrow is the big day! I am certain that if you step outside tomorrow around 3:15 pm you just might be able to hear the screams of joy coming from Ms. Faye as we literally roll away the bus and they see their home for the first time!
Thank you for all your prayers and be sure to tune in tomorrow and listen ... the sounds of joy and praise to our Lord will be filling the skies all afternoon!
Until then .... Susan and Monty

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