Friday, March 09, 2007

Delores and Faye

Yes, here you see more of the final results in Delores's home! Both she and her husband, Tom, are on their way to Colorado via Missouri for a vacation. They are going to see family but they are also going to see "extended" family! They are making special trips to visit with teams that came and helped rebuild their home! Now THAT is what this "service and blessings" thing is all about! She wanted me to come and take photos so the teams could see the end results of her home. The top ones are her 2 bathroom floors - absolutely beautiful! The next are her new family room and new bedroom! Again, beautiful! Please keep them in your prayers for safe travel! It's still amazing to me to go in their home now and see the end while still carrying the first sight in my mind! God working at His best!
Today we broke ground for Mike and Faye's home. The "official" start of the build will be Sunday morning at 7am but we need to get the pylons and foundation work taken care of before then. The general contractor, Joe, and his father - Joe also - finally arrived this evening and we all went straight to work. We will be digging 18 holes for the pylons and soon realized we will need to rent a larger auger bit. That is what's happening in the 2 photos above. Another "Joe" once again volunteered not only his time and his tractor, but his son, but the bit just needs to be larger. We will all be heading out before 7am tomorrow to be at the rental store when it opens. It will be a long day of work but should be a wonderful day in the sunshine and warmer temps also. These men left snow in West Virginia and are more than ready for some sun! As always, please keep all of our workers in your prayers. This week will be flying fast and furious and we don't need anyone getting hurt! The rest of the team will be arriving after midnight tomorrow night and they need prayer for safe travel also!
At last report from Faye, Mike was resting as comfortable as could be expected after that kind of surgery. The doctors are hopeful this is the last surgery --- not nearly as hopeful as Mike! We thank all of you for the wonderful prayers of healing - he needs every one of them.
Also, for our soon to be returning New Jersey team --- Yea God! Boo devil!!
Until tomorrow ... Susan and Monty

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