Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Mom is back :)

Day 2 with teams always runs smoother than Day 1 and today was no exception. You can see by the photos that everyone was really enjoying the sunshine and warm temps, nearly 80 today.
The work at the Spanish Village, Jim and Cindy's and Dane's kept right on flowing. The painting of the outside of Dane's house tests those who might not like heights! It looks fantastic and what a way to catch some rays while working.
The second coat of sheetrock finishing was on by noon and that team headed over to the Spanish Village to start on the second trailer. Looks to me like they were having alot of fun while working. I think it's that "joy of the Lord" thing going again!
It's always amazing to see how much different each working day is. Day 1 is adjustment time, trying to figure out just what in the world needs done and what to do first. By day 2 they are in sync a bit more, more familiar with each other and what needs to be done. By tomorrow they will feel as though they have been here for weeks and things will easily roll. As I have said before, Monty and I are so blessed to be able to be here on a continual basis and see the hand of God each and every day.
Yes, my mother returned this evening. She flew in and will be here for about 9 days before traveling back home with me for my son's wedding. I am not sure who is more anxious, Ms Faye or my mother! Hopefully there will be time to get teeth brushed in the morning before seeing Ms Faye's new home! Mom plans on taking her to do some shopping so that should be a blast! Mike is doing better each day, the pain from the infection is now gone and he is busy with rehab each day. Please continue to keep him in your prayers for healing!
Last night there was another TV segment done with this family. If you would like to view the video of it please go to and search under Convoy of Hope in the upper right corner of the screen. Then go to the story with the little red camera on the side, Rebecca Powers with Mississippi Heroes is the story. This story is the heart of our ministry, the heart of our journey, our hearts - period. We hope you enjoy watching it and that it will also touch your hearts.
Until tomorrow. . . Susan and Monty

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