Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Shopping Day

Today was a day Faye had looked forward to for a very long time but thought it might never get here, her shopping day.

God blessed them with the funds to purchase some new furniture for their new home. She was more than thrilled all the yet realizing what a blessing it truly was. Hoping and praying for something for such a long time and then having it finally arrive can feel surreal sometimes. Today was one of those sometimes.

Diane, my mother and I loaded up in Diane's van this morning and headed to Faye's house to do some measuring before starting out. There was only one thing Faye and Mike asked for with this house -- that they could have a new mattress! Faye told us that during her entire life they had never had a new mattress set. They had always taken the old ones and passed the new ones on to their children. THIS was their turn! Before Mike had his last surgery they went shopping and picked out a set. Today they were able to buy that set. God smiled down over them and now they will be lying in the bed, looking up and smiling back at God, only now in a more comfortable bed!

We also shopped for some new family room furniture and she was able to get some photos to take to the hospital for Mike to look at this evening. I know his hospital room is filled with smiles and thanksgiving and planning and more thanksgiving going on. To know how this family lived for over 13 months after the storm, to know that they were not the ones who asked for help, to know how God placed them in our lives and directly told us to help them, to know how so many people listened to God telling them to also help them, to see with our own eyes the hand of God work in this family over the past months . . . it's one of those things that is nearly impossible to put into words. It is a joy that comes from so deep inside, not dependent on "things" but only dependent on the word of God! It's what our mission is all about. It's what God commanded us to do. It's the example he gave us while he was on this earth! And once again, it's such a blessing for Monty and I to be here experiencing it all! THANK YOU!

PS It appears that Mike might be released from the hospital this Thursday. Please keep the entire family in your prayers.

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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Anonymous said...

Hey, My name is Pam from South Dakota and I was wondering if I could come to New Orleans and work in June when its really hot and bring my dog Cooper who is feeling much better. But really, I have people interested in coming down as a team. By reading about your trip to New Orleans, are the tear outs done by then? So it would be more rebuilding. And also, so glad you are getting a bigger house for them dogs!!!