Saturday, March 24, 2007

Flowers, flowers, flowers . . .

Bellingrath Gardens in Theodore, Alabama was our destination today. We all agreed that we needed a day off, a day away, a day to enjoy the wonderful weather.
It was all of the above. My mother, Diane and the two of us headed out this morning. The weather was perfect and we all agreed we have never seen such beauty. It was a real reminder of God and all his glory and made us all think that if we thought this was beautiful, what must heaven look like?
There is one flower here that we don't know about. Maybe some of you recognize it. It's the third one down on the left, the petals look like small purple spoons?
This evening our builder from WV, Joe, called. He was just checking in and saying how the entire team is ready to build another home once we get relocated to New Orleans! The Spirit of God is moving among them in a mighty way! They are doing a presentation at their church tomorrow which will tell the whole story. We are just so blessed to know and love this team and to know they share our hearts for the people.
We pray all of you will be in your churches tomorrow thanking God for all your blessings.
Until then ... Susan and Monty


Katy Johnson said...

Aunt Susan......Love the pic of you and Gma!
Miss You!
Give Ryan our best wishes!
Love Yall!

Raeosunshine59 said...

Hi Susan!
I looked up your unusual flower. It's a type of Cape Daisy from South Africa. Intresting thing about them---they close up at night. Your photo shows the flower petals semi-open. Could be it was just beginning to bloom or just opening after a cool night.
Blessings and hugs,