Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday at Melinda's

Sorry there are no photos for this evening. Time just didn't allow for them today. Be sure and stay tuned tomorrow - they'll be some then.

Pam, Greg and Diane spent the day at Melinda's. During the storm her home "fell" in the back, nearly 18". This caused alot of cracking of sheetrock, nearly every room. The tile floor in her bathroom also cracked as did the tile around the bathtub. It's a miracle the house was able to be repaired but it was. I was actually surprised that she didn't have more damage.

After the girls got the furniture cleaned last week it was time to get some of the repair work done this week. With the progress they made today they might have everything done by tomorrow noon, including a new bathroom floor. Like I said, I'll have some photos tomorrow.

Monty spent the day working on the Teen Challenge building for Pastor Steve. They had some damaged soffet areas on the building so he went over, removed the old and replaced it with new. Pastor Steve was thrilled and it was a joy for Monty to help them. He, his wife and the girls who live there have always been such a help to us whenever we asked. They run an increcible organization there and we pray God will continue to provide for all their needs.

I am working on detail after detail in the preparation for the building of Mike and Faye's house next week. Things are coming together, today I was working on the flooring and hopefully touched someone's heart to "donate"?

Speaking of them, as I write this Mike is in surgery. The doctors plan is to amputate below his knee. Please keep him in your prayers! Emotionally he is spent and needs for this to be over and to be able to heal properly. Continuous pain wears on ones mind and he needs the rest!

Glad to know our NC team made it back safe and sound! Thanks again to each and every one of you! We hope you will make plans to return soon.

Judging from an email I received from our incoming WV team they are busy with last minute plans. They will be heading this way come Saturday morning. Please remember them in your prayers, traveling that far is a risk in itself!

Until tomorrow .... God Bless! Susan and Monty

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