Monday, March 19, 2007


Our WV team at our Celebration Service on Saturday for Mike and Faye. We already miss them but know they made it home safe and sound and are reunited with their loved ones. We thank those loved ones for sharing their family members with us all last week and for understanding why they came back home so exhausted yet energized at the same time.
Monty, myself, Diane, Pam and Greg all have been feeling that jubilant exhaustion. Yesterday we all did our best to get a bit of rest. Today it was cleaning up from last week. There were tools and materials in many different places and after today we think we have most of them back and ready for work this week. I must admit that I didn't know just how tired I was until I hit the bed last night. Saturday night it was useless to even try and sleep as I had trouble locating the "off" switch to my brain. Even showering at 3:30am didn't seem to help.
Last night was a different story.
The entire city is still talking about the speed build. Most people can't believe it actually DID get done completely in 6 days. The traffic is still going by the house on a constant basis, now they are admiring the results.
Monty and I feel so blessed to have been a part of such an outpouring of the Spirit and the blessings of God. There aren't sufficient words to describe the feelings. To see the hand of God moving in so many different directions, to see the perfect timing, to see the miracles being poured out all over the place, to see people turning over their actual lives to Jesus, to feel His presence so strongly, all just impossible to describe so you can fully understand.
Both contractors, (both Joes) have called and are still on cloud 9. The vehicles were filled with conversations and blessings as they traveled home. They are truly planning on another trip in a few months when we reach the 9th ward and as of today they feel they can build this house plan again --- in 4 DAYS!!!! And they aren't kidding! The entire team wants to come back! Now if that isn't God then I don't know what is!
Once again we just want to thank EVERYONE who was involved in this. It truly was "The body of Christ comes together"!
This evening we welcomed our incoming team from Tennessee. They traveled through New Orleans before arriving here, all 18 of them. It will be another great week, they will be working in atleast 3 homes and will also leave here feeling the blessings being returned to them. Be sure to stay tuned, you won't want to miss anything.
Our PA team once again spent their time with Faye and Mike. They were out early this morning with more shopping. Ms Faye called me, so excited, she has just had lunch with them and had been taken shopping by them. She couldn't believe how exciting it was -- they NEVER eat out and shopping is totally out of the question. She had a gift card from one of the WV families and now has a new vaccum cleaner, window blinds and some other essentials she never thought she would have. She was to be at the hospital by 4pm with Mike and then the PA team would also be at the hospital this evening to spend it with them. Mike is on the rehabilitation floor and not allowed visitors until 4pm. They are keeping him very busy along with keeping up with his dialysis every other day. It has been wonderful to have this PA team here, spending all their time with the family. I doubt we will ever be able to wipe the smile off Ms Faye's face!!!
Our next step with their home is to get all the final inspections and file for the occupancy permit. It should be a couple of weeks before getting them moved in. In the meantime they can be preparing for that move which will make the actual move much less stressful for Mike.
We thank you for all your prayers and thoughts all during the build last week. Without those we could not have accomplished what we did. We are so blessed to be able to make ourselves available to God for anything He might have planned for us. We thank Him for loving us that much!
Until tomorrow ... Happy Birthday Mom!!!! We love you!!!! Monty and Susan

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