Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Yes, our team of volunteers coming from West Virginia called today and they are under a HUGE snowstorm! Hard to even imagine such a thing when we are here in some of the brightest sunshine and temps in the 70s!!! They are more than ready to head south!

The contractor, Joe, and his father will be leaving WV tomorrow and are to arrive here Friday morning. They are bringing all the tools for the building of Mike and Faye's house and are most likely going to be coming in a UHaul truck! Bringing all those tools AND supplies isn't an easy task. Be sure and keep them in your prayers, safe travel is a must!

Mike's surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. I don't know the time at this point but it is tomorrow. Please pray for him, for Faye and for the doctors and nurses who are caring for him.

Our "northern" team are doing their best to also soak up some of the warmth down here! Even if they were inside Rosemary's house all day. Rosemary is over in Mobile with her mother who is hospitalized. As usual, Rosemary's brother, Maury, is handling things with the house. Diane, Greg and Pam were busy with touch up painting today, doing some work on doors and whatever needed to be wrapped up. Maury has completed paperwork for a grant and hopefully that will be coming through any day now. Since Greg is experienced in installing ceramic tile flooring and that is what Maury wants all throughout the house, now would be a good time for that grant to come through so he could purchase the tile. Then all that is needed is the kitchen cabinets and the trim and we are ready to move Rosemary and her mother HOME!!!!! Isn't God absolutely amazing!

Be sure and stay tuned as I know God has even more amazing blessings about to pour forth all along the Gulf Coast and you don't want to miss a one of them!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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