Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Day Three (3) ???? !!!!

Here they are, day 3 and they have all the outside done! The insulation is all in, the new handicapped shower is in, the electric is waiting for the inspector to sign off on tomorrow morning, the materials to build the front and side decks is on site, the carpet is on site and the night crew is finishing the sheetrock as I write this.
Their plan is to have the sheetrock completely finished by morning for the day crew to come in and prime and paint. They are working with 25 minute mudd and if you aren't familiar with it -- it dries in 25 minutes -- so you better know what you are doing and be very good at it! Monty and I went back tonight and watched --- they ARE good! After the finishing coats are complete they will be shooting a light texture on the walls and then they are ready for the prime and paint!
Amazing you think? Nearly impossible you think? Think again!!!!
I cannot begin to tell you about all the miracles that happen each day but here are ones that I remember from just today.
The lady who read the article in the newspaper came back this morning with breakfast rolls for the men. Tomorrow she will be returning with HOT breakfast casserole for them! She doesn't know Mike or Faye, she doesn't know any of us, but she does know Jesus and breaks down in tears each time she sees the blessings being poured out for this family.
The community continues to drive, walk and ride by. All are staring in disbelief. Most give the thumbs up as they go by, all are smiling and some even stop just to stare. We had another drive by this afternoon who handed some funds out his window "just to help a little bit". He had no idea that we had just written a check to cover the cost of getting the electric taken care of and what we wrote the check for is what this person gave out their window!!
This afternoon we also had a neighbor lady step over the fence and tell us that she finishes sheetrock for a living and would like to help out when we got to that point. She came back tonight and is working right along side the men --- and showing them she really does know what she is doing! Now I think it's them who are standing back in amazement!
A lady friend of Faye's showed up with fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and a cherry cake dessert (all homemade) and surprised all the men with more than enough to fill them up. Then the lunch that our church prepared also showed up and they feasted! But they also burned off every one of those calories during the rest of the day!
Our South Dakota volunteer, Greg, worked the 12 hour day, came home to eat and went back because he wanted to get in on the sheetrock and knew that by tomorrow morning it would be too late! He's still there as I write this and believe me --- it's very late!!
Once again the news crew showed up for a follow up interview. To see the video online go back to www.wlox.com and click on Patrice Clark Reports on Volunteer Build in 6 days and you can see it for yourself.
Monty and I continue to be blessed by being here, by being a small part in what is happening here and by seeing the hand of God touching lives all over this coast! The ministry that is happening within the team of volunteers is something that is banding them closer together than some families. The ministry to Mike Jr. by working on the job every day, being taught skills that he can take and put to good use, the ministry to the community (everywhere we go people have seen the news or read the paper). This type of ministry is something you have to experience to really understand. This type of ministry is priceless! This type of ministry is what changes the world!!
I think when we have the grand reveal on Saturday we just might have to close the street and use it for people to stand and wait to greet Mike and Faye and welcome them back home!
Be sure and stay tuned as tomorrow promises to be filled with new miracles! We would ask for prayers for good weather. The forecast isn't so great, possible strong storms. We all know God can calm the storms and we would ask for prayers to do just that! Pray for strength for the workers, for safety and for anything else you can think of!
We thank you for your prayers and support and for being a part of changing the world!
Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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