Wednesday, March 14, 2007

From satan to Salvation!

What an amazing day; yes, another one!
Monty and I were back on the site last night from 2 to 4:30 AM (yes, AM) with a couple of sheetrock "issues" that were quickly resolved and it was "onward ho". When we got back to bed I admit I had the thought that I might not be able to get up this morning = NOT! It's one of those times when God somehow manages to refill you in a very short amount of time!
We did awake with a bang -- satan was once again rearing his ugly head! Oh yes, he has also been hanging around the site, not a happy camper either. But with a visit to the city officials and an apology on their part we were off and running forward again!
Most of my day was spent back and forth at Lowes. The builders realize the tight shoestring we are operating on so whenever they complete a project and have any materials left over they neatly place them in my truck and off to Lowes I go to return them. That return results in credit that can then be turned around and spent on other things that are needed, with no added expense! These men are wonderful, thrifty and good! Angels sent from heaven for certain!
Monty also ran back and forth with the same agenda happening.
As you can see from the photos, the handicapped ramp to the side of the house is going on. The deck on the front will be on by tomorrow. The steps to the side where the French doors are will also go on tomorrow. Each is an original design by Glen, a church member who is donating his time -- at night!!
Many angels were exposing themselves today. One of them came to see what was happening and when she stepped onto the property God spoke to her. His "talk" led her to the store where she purchased a brand new washer, dryer and water heater for the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike and Faye have never owned a washer and dryer!!!!! Like I said -- ANGEL!!! (a new stove was donated yesterday so the only appliance left is the refrigerator)
Another angel came by very late this evening and dropped off 5 pizzas for the men to enjoy.
The usual morning angel came by with her breakfast casserole.
The church angels came in with their 2 meals as usual, one being home made gumbo and the other an on-site fish fry! These men aren't going without food, and they are enjoying every bite!
You can also see from the photos that the "girls" got in the act today. Both Diane and Pam were looking a bit "pale" by the evening. They had been mudding the sheetrock all day and wore their fare share home to a much welcomed shower! So girls --- never think you cannot work on a construction site!
The most amazing miracle of the day, of the week, of the month ... came about noon today. After working right along side this team of volunteers and building a life - long bond, Mike Jr. accepted salvation today! It was an extremely emotional thing for him and one he will never forget! He turned his life over to God, accepted forgiveness and now knows where he will spend eternity! We all know that being 21 years old can have some sitting on the fence where they could go either way. Mike Jr. knows which way he is going after today and has men who have promised to be his own personal angels for the rest of his life! You have heard me say that through this ministry we are rebuilding homes by rebuilding lives --- need I say more! Please keep Mike Jr. in your prayers! This was a defining moment for him -- and for all of us who were blessed to be here to share it with him! (you should have seen the expression on his parents faces when I visited them and told them the good news)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, I went to the hospital today and Mike Sr. looks good. He says the agonizing pain is gone, just the pain from the amputation itself is there. It made my day to see him smile and to see him feeling better. The next step will be moving to a different floor in the hospital for rehab. His doctor has approved a pass for him to come to the house celebration Saturday! Another blessing!
Tomorrow we will be welcoming our returning team of 4 from Pennsylvania. Pastor Tony, his wife Angela and 2 women will be coming back to share in the celebration with Mike and Faye on Saturday. They will be here over the weekend to help out in any way they can. We are so anxious to see them and will keep them in our prayers for safe travel.
We thank all of you for your prayers and hope you are blessed each time you read the blog and come along with us on this mission.
Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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