Sunday, March 04, 2007

Goodbye North Carolina

Very early this morning the rest of the North Carolina team headed home. They should be there by now, relaxing and telling family of all their adventures and of the work they accomplished.

Hey girls -- thanks for the personal note! It really meant alot to find it this morning! :)

We were pleasantly surprised to see not only Faye and Mike Jr in church this morning but also her daughter Keesha. Having her here made my day! I have been waiting and today she came! I pray God touched her while she was here and that she will be back! Faye said they increased the pain medications for Mike (again) and the doctors are to confer tomorrow and hopefully come to a decision. As always, keep them all in your prayers!

While at lunch today Monty and I seem to run into all sorts of people we know. We also got one of our homeowners taken care of at the same time. Some of the MAPS gentlemen are going to build the box needed to house the water heater for Joseph. We got a donation of the heater itself but since it will sit outside (as many of them do here) he needs a box around it and to have it hooked up. These men will be glad to take on the project and very soon Joseph will finally have hot water, after 18 months! Just as I've said before, all of us working together to rebuild the lives of those who have lost so much.

We had a special visit from our family who lives in the "Spanish Village" this evening. Jose, Anita, Louis and Nayalee came to see Greg and Pam. Greg and Pam (along with Diane) worked in their trailer for quite a few weeks last summer. They grew to love each other and were excited to see each other after all these months. One of those awesome relationship things God talks to us about! Priceless!!

I would ask for prayer for Monty as it seems he has another intestinal "bug". Those things can be treacherous here as we both have had our bouts with them. He hasn't been feeling well for a few days and we both would really appreciate your prayers for healing and strength.

We pray you will all have a blessed Monday and that you were refueled through your worship this morning. Be safe and until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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burkinator said...

Yep, we got back safe and sound about 6 EST last night. We had a great week and will continue praying for you all and keeping our eyes open for any other ways we can help.