Monday, March 12, 2007

Utter Amazement!!!!!

Well, we're only into day 2 and you can see for yourself what amazing things are taking place!
This truly is "faith ground" as Pastor Rick proclaimed it!
The teams are still working around the clock. The day team got some sleep last night and were ready to go this morning. The night team also got some sleep. I think they could have slept on cold, hard concrete and not known the difference!!!
Once again today we had people driving by, walking by, bicycling by, motorcycling by, anyway they could come by and see what is happening! They stop in amazement and want to talk and see if this really is happening!!! And they all have the same comment, "God is truly blessing this family and the entire neighborhood is being blessed with the overflow".
If you would like to see the TV interview from last nights broadcast please do the following:
Go to and in the upper right hand corner you can search. Search for Convoy of Hope speed build. It should pull up around 50 possibilities. Go to number 2 where it has a very small RED camera drawing. Click on that headline and it should pull the video. There will be a short commercial first and then the story will be told.
There was another station show up on the site today. As of this evening all you can see is the printed version of the story. I don't know if you can get the video tomorrow or not ... give it a try. Go to and you should be able to read it directly.
PLEASE let me repeat something ... This is NOT, I repeat NOT, about Monty and I, this is NOT about Convoy of Hope, this is NOT about the team. This IS about the "Body of Christ coming together" to be obedient to His calling and following the example He Himself layed out for us! There are no denominations here, there are no culture dividers, there are no color barriers, there is only unity, everyone coming together to help a family desperately in need! We are NOT special, we are just people, like yourselves.... we are just the ones blessed to be here!!
Until tomorrow ... continue to pray for us ... continue to believe ... continue to thank God!
Susan and Monty

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Raeosunshine59 said...

Yay! What an amazing dream come true and such blessings flowing down. God bless you and the entire team with health, strength, wisdom and courage. Wish we could be there to help. Our prayers are ever mindful of you two and the work you are doing.
Love ya,
Raetta and Steve