Thursday, March 15, 2007

Too many blessings to count

Day 5 of 6, time is ticking and blessings are flowing faster than we can keep track of!
When I left the site at 9pm tonight the vinyl flooring was in both bathrooms and the kitchen.
The kitchen cabinets were being installed.
The lights and ceiling fans were installed. I need to exchange the vanity lights tomorrow.
The toilets and vanities are installed -- and working. You can see how the two men doing the plumbing spent their day, underneath the house!
The heating and air conditioning system is nearly installed. The gentlemen volunteering their time will return tomorrow to complete it.
The 3 decks will be completed tonight, Glen works the night shift - every night!
The refrigerator was donated today. One of the team members is also an amputee and his family donated the refrigerator.
A load of plants, flowers and shrubs showed up this evening for landscaping tomorrow. If there is no more rain, top soil and sand will arrive tomorrow -- all unplanned.
The food continued to pour in. The men laugh thinking of how they thought they would loose weight while here!
The doors are installed and the hardware going on as I left.
Another tractor was brought to the site and donated for the yard work tomorrow. That makes 2 to work with as Joe will be back to operate his for us, again. He dug the holes for the pylons.
The PA team arrived this evening and are still shopping at this hour!
One of the WV team members brought me a huge basket filled with gifts for Mike and Faye, towels, shower curtain, sheets and who knows what all! The miracle? Everything is a match to the color of the house! Planned only by God Himself! (she also included a gift card to Walmart)
Gravel for the driveway should arrive tomorrow. The didn't have a drive way before.
Mike was moved to the rehabilitation floor of the hospital today! What a blessing!
Two families children took a newspaper article to school and work today and raised money for the family. Remember that Jesus instructed us to have the "faith of children"?
We were told by the power company today that the power to the house wouldn't be turned on until tomorrow (which would have really hurt us) and within 30 minutes of that call the power company arrived on site!
I know I have missed some of the miracles -- impossible to keep track of! Just know that all of this is possible only with your prayers continuing to go out! Anyone can build a house but no one can build one covered with these kind of miracles without prayer!!
Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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