Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tennessee meets Mississippi

Tennessee had a "Monday" on a Tuesday. They were up and ready to go this morning.
We had them divide into 3 teams, one at Dane's, one at Jim and Cindy's and one at the Spanish Village.
The team at Jim and Cindy's were busy finishing sheetrock. According to Diane (their leader) not many of them knew how but by the looks of the finished product they did a wonderful job! They got the first coat on and needed it to dry so they went on to Dane's for late afternoon.
The team at Dane's was busy finishing his doors before hopefully getting them hung later in the week. There were also some of them painting the outside of the house.
The team at the Spanish Village were busy putting outside siding on and also working on floors and walls inside. They will be working on 2 trailers at once tomorrow. The families already have all the materials on site and work right along side of our teams. They enjoy learning how to do it themselves and can carry on with the work after our teams leave.
It takes the first day to get the feel of what is happening and to get settled in to a routine. Many times team members find themselves outside of their comfort zone and are pushed a bit. A few of these team members are finding that out here. But they are also finding out just how much need there is here and what a blessing it is to help them get back into their homes.
Early this morning we said goodbye to our PA team. Ms Faye came to the church to say goodbye and I know there was another bucket of tears shed. This team was just what we needed, they spent all of their time with the family, helping them physically, emotionally and spiritually. We were so blessed to have them here and are so thankful for them taking time away from their families to be a part of helping Mike and Faye start their new lives in their new home! We look forward to seeing them when they return and meet with us in New Orleans.
I am still sorting through paperwork from the speed build but almost have a handle on it. It's amazing to realize that after months of planning and 6 days of building that it is done! It still doesn't seem real. But it is -- all you have to do is see the look on Faye's face and you know it!
She is keeping busy watering all the landscaping that was donated. She isn't able to see Mike until 4pm each day so it helps occupy her time and she feel she is helping -- and she is!!
I would like to ask for prayer for our dear friend, Mr. Joe. He not only donated his tractor for our build but also himself and one of his sons. He is in poor health but has a heart for service to others. Please keep he and his family in your prayers as they are going through some struggles and could sure use some help.
Also, please keep my mother in your prayers. She will be flying down here tomorrow evening to spend about 10 days. She also found out she left a piece of her heart when she and my dad were here a few weeks ago so she is returning. We both look forward to spending more time with her this time.
Until then ... Susan and Monty

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