Monday, March 26, 2007

Preparation . . .

Another beautiful photo taken Saturday at Bellingrath Gardens. Looks like a postcard!

Today was a day of preparation, preparation for our upcoming move into the 9th ward of New Orleans. We headed out very early this morning for what should have been about an hour and 15 minute drive. Over 3 hours later we finally arrived! There was a fatal auto accident on the bridge that crosses Lake Ponchatrain and everyone was rerouted off of interstate 10. We did finally arrive and although the meeting was a bit shorter than planned we accomplished what was needed.

It looks like we will be "on land" ready for work on May 14th. We will be closing up the Convoy station here in Gautier in late April, taking a bit of time to relocate everything, including ourselves and Diane and possibly take some time away for a few days? The time away thing might end up being a dream but time will tell.

It was good and exciting to meet with Pastor Teresa and Joel. They both share the same hearts as Monty and I and having a support system and structure set up even before we arrive will be a real blessing. We got a chance to see our new home, a small trailer donated by Samaritan's Purse, the organization originating with Franklin Graham, Billy Graham's son. We will have a real bedroom, kitchen and shower .. the finer things in life! :) We are just so thankful to this organization for providing housing for us and giving us the chance to "spread out" from our current 144 square feet of living space!

From the reports from Pastor and Joel it seems the gutting of homes will be nearly complete by the summer --- they are starting demolition!!! A really GREAT thing for the entire area. This means some infrustructure decisions have been made and progress can move forward! We look forward to more rebuilding and more changing lives!

We hope you will take the opportunity to organize a team of volunteers, plan a date and come and see us in New Orleans! There will be no age limitations, only that children MUST be accompanied by a parent! Get your calendars out and take a look at the rest of the year and let us know. Just call me directly or leave a comment at the end of the blog if you don't have my direct number!

We thank all of you for all you have done to help the people of the Gulf Coast rebuild their homes by rebuilding their lives! Without you this mission would not be possible and could not continue! Both Monty and I are so blessed to be here, to be working for our Lord and to be supported in prayers by YOU!!!

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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