Friday, March 23, 2007

Goodbye Tennessee and South Dakota

Yes, we sadly said goodbye to 2 teams today. Greg and Pam left for South Dakota around noon. Before leaving they headed to the vet with Cooper. It seems he has a sore throat, swollen glands and was attacked by the gnats with sharks teeth and had an all around bad night! The vet ended up giving him 6 shots and meds so hopefully when they arrive home he will be feeling better! They have been here for a month and needless to say we will miss them terribly! We know they will be back as soon as they can. God be with them as they travel such a long distance home!
The Tennessee team was on the road around 4pm. They had planned to head out earlier but really wanted to continue working to get a few more things done. They did a fantastic job finishing and priming Jim and Cindy's home. It is nearly ready for paint. The team learned so much and felt as though they could conquer the world when they left. They all agreed Diane is quite the teacher! :) The rest of them were at the Spanish Village and Dane's and have done miracles! The 2 trailers at the village now have floors that will support them and walls and ceilings. The minor details! Dane's is looking great with its new white and yellow colors. We are so thankful to this team for coming out of their comfort zone and being such a wonderful blessing to these families. We know they are planning a return trip and that we will be seeing them again in New Orleans, probably July. May God also guard them as they travel home.
My mother and I did more visiting with Ms Faye today. She is getting more and more excited at the thought of being able to move in shortly. It should be only a couple more weeks and we will have the permit completed. After visiting with Mike in the hospital this evening he just might be released Thursday! He is doing great in physical therapy and is eager to learn and be mobile on his own. Faye is also learning how to be of a help to him when he does get home. It does my heart so good to see him in less pain, smiling and feeling better than I probably have ever seen him. He was laughing as we shared stories of their childhood! We are family, the kind of family that God plans, not people!
My mother and I also had the opportunity to go and visit with Gladys. You will remember that we rebuilt her home last year about this time. Gladys turned 94 years old last November and is as good as ever. She was just as excited to see us as we were to see her. Her house looks wonderful and she still talks about how beautiful it is!
Once again, family planned by God!
Thank you for becoming a part of our family by continuing to hold us up in prayer.
Until tomorrow ... Susan and Monty


SLM said...

I just had to post a comment. I was on the TN team. (I live in North Mississippi, but attend church in TN.) I want to Thank all the people that have travled to Mississippi to help rebuild the area. I was so excited that we were going on a mission trip in my home state! I really can not put into words how wonderful it felt, not only in the flesh, but in my spirit to give back. I have been so humbled and blessed by the things that I saw and the people that I met. Diane is GREAT!!! GO GIRL POWER!!! Diane if you read this never forget E.P.T. Spanish Village changed me. Meeting Cindy blessed my soul in ways I could never put into words. I am not sure that the State of Mississippi knows what a blessing that God has poured out on them by giving Monty and Susan the vision and the willingness to do this mighty work. Thank you both. Thank you from a proud Mississippian to all the teams and team leaders that have given of themselves to bless the people of my state. I can truely say that I am a better person for meeting and getting to know Susan, Monty, Pam, Greg, Ms Anita and her family, Diana, and most of all Ms. Cindy. If you have a chance to go on a home mission trip....TAKE IT!!! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Sheila M (TN Team)

Anonymous said...

hey everyone i am also from the TN team i wanted to leave a comment and try to express how this trip changed my heart. This mission truely made me look at my life. i am 21yrs old, someone who doesnt like to get dirty, who has so much stuff in my room i can hardly fit in there. When it came to doing this mission i had to put my pride aside and do what God sent me here to do if it was to get dirty i was ready. When i got home i went threw all my stuff and got rid of it if i wasnt using it i packed it and im giveing it to goodwell the people i helped had only a few things and they still were thankful for the simple things the air they breath, the clothes on there backs and i think that is how it should be. It made me realize how i take life for granted i now know that everything i own can be taken from me at anytime. Working on my mission everyday i prayed for the stength to get me threw i was so upset when i left cause i felt like i wasnt finished with my job and i know i cant fix mississippi in one day so that is why i cant wait to come back ...see you guys Andrea W from TN
(the girl in the gray shirt)

Mandy said...

Another Cville TN "voluntourist" here!
(Thanks for telling us about that Mrs.Susan!!)
I just wanted to let yall know that I was so very blessed by our 4 days down there!

I came home with the KNOWLEDGE of how very blessed I am! How very blessed WE are!

I am content! Praise God!
As Paul said in Philippians..he has learned to be content no matter the circumstances...
Through our trip down to Gautier...I have learned contentment. And I believe that is a lesson I will keep with me always!

Ms.Diane...YOU ROCK! Your leadership and patient guidance over the "E.P.Team" was truly a blessing to me! The way you taught us and trusted our ability to be about our Father's business has taught me how to be a more patient teacher here at home! And to just believe in other's abilities! God bless you and thank you for that Ms.Diane! I would love to tape, mud, sand and mud again and sand again with you any day! Put a power tool in my hand and I would even love to hang ceilings again, too! :-)

Sis. Anita at the Spanish a blessing! Her servant's heart was just...well, beautiful! I believe we all left a piece of our hearts there with her.

I didn't get to work with Mr. Dane much..but my brother-in-law did and I know it was an emotional goodbye for them as well.

As for Mrs.Cindy....
We all fell in love with her. From the moment we met her we were determined to get primer on those walls! Praise God! We did it! To Him be the glory!
As the first rollers of Kiltz hit those walls...I don't think that there was a dry eye in the house. To know that God was restoring hope in a family through the work we had done in His indescribable even now.
Mrs.Cindy blessed us in so many ways! I guess it's like Shelia said, I could never put into words how that woman blessed me! I can't wait to come see Mrs.Cindy when everything is completed! We are all impatiently (hey, God isn't through with us yet! :-) )waiting!

Greg and was so great to meet yall! I enjoyed the brief moments we got to work together Pam! God bless yall!

Monty and Susan....thank you for all that you do! Thank yall for giving us the opportunity to serve the Lord with yall...
Our prayers and love go with yall to New Orleans...and eventually our willing to work hands will follow! ;-)

Love in Christ,
Mandy T