Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wonderfully cooler Wednesday makes New Jersey smile

It's difficult to get a picture of Jack standing upright and I am so glad he has a family member that is a chiropractor as he's going to need a few visits when he gets back home.

On the other hand, Louis is always standing upright -- but looking at the pictures makes you wonder where in the world is he?  He's literally standing on the ground underneath the trailer, between the floor joists, scraping the old subfloor off the joists where it had been glued down.  He always has a chisel in one hand and a hammer in the other.  It's tedious and tough work but he's always smiling!

I had to smile today as I watched one of the ways Michael is helping.  As the tongue - in - groove subflooring is being put in place Michael rolls his wheelchair over top of the connection area to make sure it's flat with no gaps or bumps --- what a perfect idea!  Today as he was "stopped" over top of a seam line he watched as a rather large mouse decided that these cooler temps were too much and the wide open space of no flooring was just inviting him to make the leap and jump inside and head for some insulation to keep warm!  It brought a smile to my face but not so with Michael and I think that mouse was most likely "evicted" shortly after I left!

Yes, our temps fell 30 degrees from yesterday and that's a welcome change for Jack and Louis.  Jack even laughed when he said he caught a chill this morning!

The days work went well and they only have the master bedroom flooring to do tomorrow and will most likely start reframing the bathroom walls by afternoon.

On my trip to Lowes this afternoon I was hoping they had the computer program that they had in the Texas store where you can punch in measurements and design your own deck.  They have the program but not an updated version that has the capability to design ramps.  No problem, we've done enough of them I think I could design it in my sleep.  But it was a great opportunity to talk to one man at the construction counter.  He saw my new IGO Where He sends me . . . shirt and starting asking questions. His face lit up as I explained to him what we were doing and how God had always provided in the past and we knew He would do so this time.  As I was leaving he told me that he could see my heart written all over my face and that I truly loved what I do --- and of course I had to agree 800% and smile right back at him!
This evening they are attending church services at Stonegate Faith Center and I have no doubt that they are being loved on and super blessed by everyone there!  They might be small in numbers but they are one of the largest churches I have seen when it comes to love!

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be headed back as the local newspaper called today and wants to do an article, possibly in the Sunday edition.  It's always nice to put good news in the paper and it's my hope that they will want to do follow up articles and be there on the last day when we have the party of all parties at the House Blessing Day!

Be sure and stay tuned --- and to the wives of Jack and Louis back in Jersey -- we love you both and are so thankful to you for sharing your other halves with us, and with Michael, this week!  You're the best -- and don't be afraid to remind them of that when they get home!!!!  But do cut them a break if they have a few more aches and pains than usual!!!!

Until next time . . . God's and awesome God and aren't we glad!        Susan and Monty

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