Sunday, September 04, 2011

New Jersey is coming here!!!!!!

What an answer to prayer!!!!

Just got an email from Jack, one of our team members from our New Jersey team and he is coming here to help with Michael's trailer rebuild!!!!!!  And he's planning on bringing someone with him!!!!  Maybe more than one!!!!

Pastor Dave told Michael's story this morning in church and we got a few people interested in helping.  Pastor Bruce did the same at his church.  We are praying for a tremendous response from both.

But . . . Jersey is coming all this way just to be a blessing to Michael!!!!!!!

And, of course, Monty and I are thrilled beyond words to be able to see Jack again!  They came and worked with us in Mississippi twice and it's been a really long time since we've seen them.  We had such fun with them and they were part of a very special house blessing at the end of their first trip with us.

God is such an awesome, on time God and we thank and praise Him for this blessing! 

Michael is about to have his socks blessed right off his feet and his church is about to be the recipient of the blessings of having volunteers come and stay with them. 

Pastor Dave's sermon title this morning was "Valley of Blessings" and this is a great big blessing!!

Thank you New Jersey -- for raising the funds for the fuel cost of making this trip and thank you for sending your best!

Until next time . . . how can you be a blessing to someone?               Susan and Monty

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