Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blessed Tuesday

It's only Tuesday and yet things were happening so quickly and so miraculously that it just went by way too quickly!

My day started with a trip to Cassady Electric where Ms Mae had a list of all the electrical supplies we would need and was going to let me know "if" she could donate anything.  By the time I left she had donated all the wiring (have you seen the cost lately?), all the receptacles, all the switches, all the plate covers for the receptacles and switches and the GFI outlets!  What a huge blessing!  All I could do was hug her, thank her and let her know that's she just "the best".  She has been a dear friend for years now and I know God placed her in my life for a good reason.  Through the years she and I have talked about how it is being a woman in a mostly man's field and the fun we've had!  Thanks Ms Mae, you are God's servant indeed!

From there I had just enough time to get to the Post Office and mail some of our IGO Disaster Relief shirts to James and Timothy.

Then it was off to Michael's to meet with the electrical engineer to get the details on where we are to put his power pole and all the instructions that we need to go with it.  Mr Jeff was a very nice gentleman who got a kick out of what we are doing.  He gave me all the answers I needed and even spent a few minutes with Monty via speaker phone to answer a couple of final details.  Since Monty and some of our friends from our home church are doing the electrical they now know exactly what is required.

After that meeting I headed to Bible study, even if I was over an hour late.  I got there just in time for some special words of prophecy and blessing and to share all the things that have been going on with Michael's rebuild.  It's so fun to share and see the expressions on the others' faces.  This church is new into missions and seeing and hearing about all that is happening, how God is providing and out doing anything we could ask for is lighting them on fire for mission work!  When Susan made a comment about it today my response was, "welcome to our world when we are in the mission field."  And our mission field seems to be very close to home right now!

After Bible study I was heading back to Michael's.  Jack and Lewis are really working well together now and have made alot of progress on replacing the subfloor and the insulation underneath.  They were nearing the 3/4ths mark of done when I left.  And they still had alot of the afternoon left so who knows how much more they got done!

They were excited to hear that one of the church members had made them a home made dinner for tonight so they could save some money and eat in.  And Michael's sister's family had stocked their refrigerator and cabinets with even more food!  One thing we know is that volunteers never lose weight on a mission trip! 

Pastor Martie, Susan and Bev made a visit to Michael's this afternoon to pray over them and bless them.  You can see them circled for prayer in the photo above.  And, of course, Michael got his own prayer over him!

One thing I have noticed in the past couple of days --- Michael is a pretty reserved fellow, not alot of expression in his face and not very exciteable.  Now . . . he is smiling all the time and loves to tell about the work being done and hear about all the miracles happening all around him!  He has a light in his eyes and a warmth in his heart that shows!  I know it's that "joy of the Lord" for all to see!

And tomorrow is Wednesday . . . already!  Wonder what all God has in store?

Until next time . . . "this is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it"
Susan and Monty

PS.  For all who want/need a "head's up"  . . . Monty's birthday is Friday!     :)

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