Saturday, September 10, 2011

A very special weekend

I bet if I asked everyone I met they would remember every detail of where they were 10 years ago tomorrow! 

It doesn't see like it's been 10 years but time does go by so quickly.  On each anniversary of 9/11 I wear the bracelet with James DeBlase's name on it as a memorial to him and all the others who lost their lives.  And each year I am so thankful to his wife for responding to the letter I sent her and thankful to my friend who mounted it in a keepsake frame for me.

Let's all say a special prayer for all those families and let's NEVER forget!

This is also a very special weekend for us in quite a few ways. 

Monty's birthday is next Friday and this evening our beloved family with 10 children are coming over for dinner and bringing the party to him!  Terry and Cheryl and all the kids hold such a special place in our hearts and they were so excited when I asked them if they would like to plan a birthday party for Monty.  Goodness only knows all the work they have done and I know, without a doubt, that it will be the best birthday party in his life!!!! 

Another exciting thing is that we are actually here for our home church picnic tomorrrow afternoon.  It's always fun to get to visit with everyone and enjoy more than enough food at the same time.  We pray the rains will hold off. 

And last -- but definitely not least -- our team of volunteers will arrive from New Jersey tomorrow evening.  Jack and Lewis are coming to work at Michael's all week!  We haven't seen them since 2007 when they made a trip to New Orleans to work with us.  Prior to that they worked with us twice while we were in Mississippi and it's so exciting for us to get to see Jack again!  We will miss seeing his wife, Sue, and the rest of the team but are so thankful to their church for making it possible for these 2 men to come and be such a blessing to Michael and his entire church. 

Be sure and stay tuned for pictures and stories from this week.  They will be working on replacing the underneath insulation and subflooring all week.  But most of all -- they will be pouring out the love of Jesus all over Michael and anyone else who steps foot on the property!

Until next time . . . may we all remember how blessed we are and that freedom isn't really free!
Susan and Monty

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