Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The electric begins

I'm not sure where the morning went but by noon I was back at Michael's house.  We were awaiting the arrival of David and his crew of workers who wanted to volunteer their afternoon to help. Pastor Jan was already there marking walls that needed reframed and once again we ended up redesigning the kitchen -- just a bit.

This home is going to be exclusively for Michael.  That means we have to look at things from his angle and most of the time we just ask him to come over and decide the answer to our question himself. 

Case in point -- the placement of the electrical outlets.  Where we would put them and where they need to be for Michael to reach them with ease can be two different locations.  That debate is now answered and the one brave woman volunteer was nailing the boxes right where they needed to be.

The team of 6 were there by 1pm and got right to work with the wall framing and electrical.  They really got alot done by the end of the afternoon and considering their work days begin at 5:30am they had put in a really long day!  Most of the wiring is now pulled in the main part of the house.  And the only thing left to frame is the closet for the hot water heater.

We are so thankful to David and his team.  They all want to come back and help again and they know all they have to do is call.  An added blessing?  David wants a list of everything we still need, and he said he meant everything -- so you know what I'll be doing right away!  He will also be providing the exterior power pole and bringing the truck and tools needed to install it in the ground.  The blessings just keep on coming!  I love to see others come in, not knowing what to expect or what they will be doing, and then watch the transformation in them as their heart gets into it and God begins to touch them and then you just don't know where He will lead them!

The next step?  Monty, our contractor friend Rob, and another friend, Keith, will be going to Michael's first thing on Friday morning where Monty and Keith will work on the electrical and Rob will start with the plumbing.  Be sure and stay tuned as these 3 could be mistaken for the 3 stooges!  :)

Until next time . . . caution . . . miracles in progress!                 Susan and Monty

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