Monday, September 12, 2011

New Jersey at work

It was a bit later than they had thought as they got tied up in road closures and road work but Jack and Lewis arrived last night from New Jersey.  It was so great to see Jack again since we hadn't seen him since the summer of 2007 when we were working in New Orleans.  And it was awesome to meet Lewis as well. 

Schell and Sus also met us at the church and really blessed them by taking them on a short tour of the city and then treated them to dinner.  Sus also shopped today and stocked up the refrigerator and cabinets at church so they would have some extra food! 

They were up and ready to roll this morning.  I met them in the parking lot of Lowes and they had already discovered the Bob Evans directly across the street so they were really ready to go!

We got to Michael's and he was all ready for them.  The trailer was all cleaned up and ready for workers to come in and get started.  The plan was to continue replacing the subflooring along with the underneath insulation.  After a trip to Lowes for more materials they made good progress - for a Monday.  Mondays are the day where everyone works to learn how to work together to accomplish their goals.  You might know the other people on your team but you haven't worked with them before so it takes some time to "get in sync" with the others.  They are now in sync and ready to work tomorrow.

Since there are no showers at the church they are going to Pastor Jan and Pastor Martie's house and they welcomed them to come there every day they are here!  A huge help!!

I got them all settled and headed back home since I had a list of 9 yards that needed mowed.  With the light rains we had all last week some of the yards actually did grow and I managed to get 6 of them done.  The last 3 will be done on Wednesday.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with an electrical engineer to designate where Michael's power pole will be set.  There used to be another mobile home parked there and the pole was behind the trailer making the power lines go over the top of the trailer.  According to the construction manual we have from the electrical company that is illegal so they are going to meet me there so we can come up with the right location.

From there I will hopefully be able to catch the last part of Bible Study and then make a trip back to Michael's to get you some more pictures.

Please keep Michael, Jack and Lewis covered with prayers for a safe and productive week -- a week spent in the presence of Jesus as they are His hands and feet!

Until next time . . . blessed to be a blessing!  Priceless!              Susan and Monty

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