Tuesday, September 20, 2011

God appointed -- God annointed

This was quite the day!  Packed so full of our Lord and His hand -- incredible and I am so thankful to God for letting me live and participate in His world today!

This morning was our weekly Bible study where we continued in the book of Proverbs.  We are studying the 14th chapter and it never ceases to amaze me how God covered it all.  He lays it out in black and white that if we do it this way what our reward will be.  If we choose to do it the other way what the cost will be for us.  And yet we still don't get it, we still question and we still mess it up!  It's tough being a human, isn't it!

Immediately after Bible study I got a call from David.  David had his own business and has 18 employees who would like to come and help out at Michael's house.  I talked to him yesterday and he was going to meet with his crew this morning and see how many of them wanted to volunteer.  When he called me back today he said he has atleast 8 and maybe 10 and that they will arrive tomorrow around 1:00pm --- after they put in a full work day!  I am thrilled and can't wait to meet them all.  They will divide themselves in 2 groups where one will focus on the rough in plumbing and the other the rough in electric.  Pastor Jan will oversee both groups while reframing a couple of walls for us. 

Sus then told me that I needed to make a visit to a local plumbing supply company and talk with the owner/manager there.  He had a 60" wide handicapped accessible shower, industrial grade, that he would possibly donate!  How awesome is that!

So after talking with David I headed to Michael's house to take a look at the framed in walls.  We spent alot of time, just the 2 of us and a tape measure.  His master bath was just too small and we calculated, we measured and we tossed around all sorts of ideas.  And then God . . . gave me the idea that solved it all.  Why in the world were we trying to put the washer and dryer and hot water heater all in the master bedroom and hallway areas?  The old excuse --- because that's where they were before!!!  Duh!!!  We decided to move all of them into the spare bedroom where we could create a closet to close in the water heater and then have a space next to it for the washer and dryer and still have enough room on the wall for a base cabinet and small counter top where Michael can use to fold his clothes!  Presto!  Problem solved!  So now we will extend the master bath and heating and air closets to more than enough room and Michael will have a nice size clothes closet in his bedroom.  A bedroom is supposed to be a place of peace anyway and having all those things in there would lead to anything but peace!  Thank you Lord!

Pastor Jan joined us there and agreed with all our changes.  He will start the reframing of a couple of the walls tomorrow.  He is such a blessing as he is an expert in anything and everything that has to do with construction!

A dear friend of mine, Mark, showed up while we were all there.  Mark used to paint houses for a business and will hopefully be able to schedule his time to do the painting at Michael's. 

From there I headed to the plumbing supply store where I met Jim -- what a wonderful man.  He said he's had this shower for awhile and just couldn't get rid of it.  I told him that the reason was because it was to be for Michael's and that's why it was still there.  He and I had a chance to talk awhile and by the time I was leaving he agreed to give us a discount on everything we purchase there!  And I made sure he knew he was invited to the House Blessing celebration when the time comes!

I barely made it home in time to turn around again and head to our home church.  Pastor Dave started a class on healing.  We just got home and wow!  It was awesome!  It's just the first class and I can already see that this instructor isn't going to beat around the bush -- he's going head on into the "meat" of healing and I know it's going to be an eye opening and wisdom filled class!

So now it's already past bedtime and yet my heart and mind are so filled with God and His perfect works and timing . . .

What an awesome God we serve!

Until next time . . . I DO believe in miracles!               Susan and Monty

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