Friday, September 16, 2011

"Life" . . . thanks to New Jersey

The subflooring is in.  The underneath has all new insulation.  And now the walls are reframed and we are ready for the electrical and plumbing to start!  All in 5 days!!!  All thanks to Jack and Louis from New Jersey.  And this evening we had to bid them farewell, not an easy thing to do.

Monty and I invited them over for dinner at our house so we could get a chance to visit with them.  Jack has worked with us 3 times before, twice in Mississippi and once in New Orleans and it was so good to see him and so sad to see him go.  And meeting Louis and seeing the change in him, the light in him, the love in him -- and it's just his first mission trip!  I can't wait to see what God does in him when he returns home!

God always sends us who we need right when we need them and Jack and Louis were the who and this week was the when!  I love God's plan!

So tonight we had some time to visit, take a few pictures, watch a couple of videos that they hadn't seen and then pray over them and send them on their way.  They will be leaving at 5:30am tomorrow so please join us in covering them with prayer.  Jack is a brand new Grandpa and is quite anxious to get home and see his first grandson!  Again, thanks to both Jack's and Louis's wives -- hopefully next time you can both make the trip!

I posted the picture of Michael because I want you to see the difference in him.  See the smile, see the light and see the hope!  Louis put it perfectly -- "when we got there Michael seemed pretty down but when we left today he had life in him!"  God's perfect plan and God's perfect love!  Priceless!  The group picture is great as it's Micheal's sister and his two nephews with an about -  to -  be niece in law(I think that's the proper title????) and his sister's granddaughter!  They have all worked so hard helping out and we are so thankful and know they will be right along side of him every step of the way!

It was also fun to celebrate Monty's birthday this evening.  His mother treated us to breakfast this morning and his father called him this afternoon and we spent the evening with dear friends so what a great birthday!  We hadn't heard from his dad in a very long time and had been concerned.  Seems he has had some health problems and hopefully is getting some things straightened out.  Please keep him in your prayers too.

Until next time . . . we hope you all have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to thank God for all your blessings!                        Susan and Monty

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