Monday, September 05, 2011

A true "labor" day!

I think Labor Day is a holiday where people are suppposed to take a break from working!  Not the case when God has given them servant hearts!  What a great day this was!

The temperatures took a hugely delightful dive -- nearly 30 degrees cooler -- making us close our windows to stay warm -- not to stay cool!

Monty and I headed off early this morning to hitch up our tool trailer and gather supplies and then head south to Michael's house to get it strapped and blocked.  We thought we would be the only ones there and were kidding that we would pose Michael with the anchor machine and Monty standing next to the truck on his phone making it appear Michael was doing all the work!

God had a wonderful surprise for all of us!  We arrived to find Michael and his cousin, Cody already to work.  And before we could get materials unloaded Schel and Sus from Stonegate church came driving in.  With Cody and Schel helping they were able to get the strapping and blocking done is just a few hours.

But the help just kept on coming.  Michael's sister, Tammy and brother in law, Wayne and their son Zac and his fiancee Savannah came to see what they could do.  We had them cleaning things up and removing walls (only to rebuild them later) and pulling old nails from the walls to prepare for the new sheetrock to be hung later on.

And then Pastor Jan pulled up.  Now Pastor Jan owned his own construction company for many, many years and is an expert on this whole thing so seeing him walk in the door brought a huge smile to all our faces!  He enjoyed a quick tour and within minutes we were all firing questions to him.  He not only had the answers --- he got in "project mentality" and before he even knew it he had volunteered to do all the plumbing, finishing of the sheetrock and the countertops!  I thought about pricking his finger and having him sign his name to secure his offers but then realized he is a pastor and his word was more than likely good!    :)

The best part of the day?  Seeing the smile on Michael's face as each one came to offer whatever services were needed! 

And one more thing --- Ms Donna called saying she was bringing a big pot of soup for everyone so we would have something to eat!

Isn't it awesome to see God at work!

And one week from today Jack, from New Jersey, will be here! 

The day just kept getting better.

We are so thankful for all who came today and for those we know will show up just when they are needed!  One of the things Monty and I have learned over our years of disaster relief is that God send just who we need just when we need them!

What an awesome God we serve!

Until next time . . . will you hear when God calls you to do something for someone?
Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

Wow Susan; this is so encouraging! I was blessed just reading it! How awesome that the Lord is using Michael's situation to bring together and bless so many people as they serve Him!