Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Our Tuesday morning Bible study extended into the middle of the afternoon, God was moving and no need interupting Him!  It did make lunch time disappear but oh well, it was worth it!

As I was leaving the church parking lot Monty gave me a call saying we had all the skirting for Michael's trailer donated and I needed to come and pick it up.  I headed back to Bloomington, picked up the skirting and headed back to Bedford.  I almost met myself coming and going -- but discovered it was just another red Ford truck!  Boy, that was a close one!

The donation of the skirting is so great!  We have everything we need, all the rails and all the panels!  This is usually one of the last things you do on a trailer but on this one --- we are following God's schedule and it's going to prove to be amazing! 

The other great news ---- my son, who has been in the heating and air business for a very long time and owns his own business gave us a lower than low price for the entire heating and air conditioning system for Michael!  I called him last night and by this morning he had the prices for me.  He has even volunteered to drive it down here (nearly a 2 hour drive) and then we already have a heating and air man who has volunteered to do the installation!  Isn't God good!  Now all we need to do is raise the funding to pay for the unit and we are ready to roll.  God has it out there somewhere and we must be faithful to wait for His perfect timing!

During my drive time I spent most of it in conversation with IGO and the future plans for our disaster relief program.  There are super exciting things "in the wings" and I would ask that you keep us all covered in prayer.  Prayer for guidance, prayer for direction and prayer for obedience.  God has something really big in store and we must stay tuned to His voice and follow His Word.

And it's only Tuesday!!!

Until next time . . . be blessed.                                         Susan and Monty

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