Friday, September 23, 2011

Team Vineyard

It's 7:00pm and I just got the phone call that Monty is on his way home from Michael's!  They've been there since this morning and you can see from the pics that they were all over the place, and sometimes under the place!  Whatever was needed!

Rob, Keith and Monty from our home church, Vineyard, were joined by Michael's nephews, Zac and Cody.  The more hands the better.  When I stopped back by this afternoon Zac and Monty were the ones underneath the trailer working on the plumbing.  Rob was inside and was going back and forth from framing to plumbing to giving advice on the electrical that Keith and Michael were working on.

Rob is a contractor by trade and Michael told me he wished he could just keep him for the duration!  I agreed and have made that exact comment every time Rob has come to help us a disaster!  He even went so far as to frame the box stand for the washer and dryer to sit on!  We needed to have them raised off the floor for better reaching and the ones you purchase are just too expensive.  Rob to the rescue and ta-da, they are built and ready!

The wiring was going well.  It's always takes awhile to come in after someone else has started a project.  No two people think alike and so the second one on the job has to try and figure out what the first one was thinking.  They were rolling just fine this afternoon and I am wondering how close they got to finishing it?

We also had a visitor stop by this afternoon.  Dallas -- who has also worked with us in the past.  He brought a team to Mississippi for a week and also made a day trip to Columbus, Indiana during their floods in the summer of 2008.  One thing we have always told every volunteer team over the years is, "when you get back home, we guarantee that within a mile from you is someone who needs help!"  For Dallas that is exactly right -- he lives 7/10ths of a mile from Michael and had no idea we were there until the article came out in yesterday's newspaper!  He plans on coming back, often!

Yes, the article was front page headline news yesterday!  Bob, the reporter, did an incredible job and the 2 pics were great!  And without us even knowing, he added a short story about Monty and I!  I didn't know he has a regular column and when he used that to tell a bit of our history we were humbled and flattered.  Michael was pleased with the article and we are anxious to see the results. 

It's been a great day!  Lots of work getting done and tomorrow is "work day" at Michael's.  We decided that every Saturday is work day-- a day to concentrate on cleaning up and anything else thea might need done, depending on the people who show up and their skills.

I am excited about tomorrow as I am making a trip north to spend the entire day with my son and daughter in law.  There is a small city just to the north of them that has a city wide craft show once a year and I always love going.  And getting to spend the whole day with them is the best!  I don't get to see him very often and I miss him!  He has his own heating and air business and he got the best deal for us on Michael's system so as soon as the funding comes in . . .

I pray all of you have a great weekend.  And to Jack and Louis from Jersey --- I mailed you a copy of the newspaper today!  Awesome job guys!

Until next time . . . we're blessed to be a blessing!  Help someone else sometime this weekend!  Make God smile!                                                               Susan and Monty

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