Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thanks Appleseed

Don't know how many of you have heard of the Appleseed program but let me tell you -- it's incredible!

For the past 2 days Monty and I had the chance to take a bit of a break and attend the local Appleseed program that was held here in Bedford.

After over 20 hours of intense training I have now learned to handle and shoot my Ruger 1022, an M1 Garand and an AR 15!!!  I guess being a woman in construction wasn't enough -- so why not learn to shoot!

We learned to shoot from the prone (laying flat on your belly) position, standing and sitting.  And then we learned to go from one position to another while loading and shooting.  We learned more about safety that I thought was possible, we learned all about the American Revolution, we shot target after target and then shot some more, we had amazing lunches each day (they were more like dinner) and also made some new friends.

I admit that I was surprised at the number of women and children there!  In total we outnumbered the men!  Turns out women are really good shooters!  No, I'm not kidding!

Yesterday the weather was perfect, sunshine with a light breeze which caused quite a few folks to return today with sunburned faces.  Today . . . the morning brought rain but no stopping the training.  We shot all during the rains and I guess the rain just decided to let us win (we were packing some pretty hefty power) so it stopped about an hour into the training and stayed away all day.  The clouds were very welcome and just as we were finishing up this evening the skies opened up again and the rains came pouring.  This time we let the rain win!

My deepest thanks to all who run this Appleseed program.  I came away feeling like I really can not only handle a gun properly but I know about them, I know how to operate them and I really know how to shoot them! 

It was a fun weekend and a great way to clear the world from my head for awhile.  Everyone needs that every once in awhile.

I've always heard the saying "freedom isn't free" and after the past 2 days -- I have a new found respect for our forefathers and for our freedom!  They fought hard and it was more than costly and we are still free --- my deepest thanks and respect to all of them --- you!

Until next time . . . God bless America!                     Susan and Monty

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