Thursday, September 15, 2011

Floors are done, walls begin

Quite the crew aren't they!  Amazing is more like it.  Before this day, their 4th day, they had all the subflooring replaced -- and all the insulation underneath!  By the end of the day the first wall was up and set. 

Jack and Louis have been wonderful and it's sad to think that tomorrow is their last day.  They did get some extra help today with Michael's nephew, Zac.  One more person really makes a difference and they were glad to know he will be back tomorrow.

Being able to remove the bathroom walls before replacing the subflooring made it so much easier and now we can rebuild the walls just where we want them.  We are opening up each bath a bit more in order to make it easier for Michael to move around in them.  It's so exciting to see them get started.  The smile on Michael's face was priceless!

Late this afternoon the local newspaper sent out a reporter, Bob, along with his photographer, Pete.  They seemed to really enjoy interviewing everyone there and watching all that was happening.  They hope to have it in their Sunday paper next Sunday.  It's always a great idea to have news like this in the paper.  They give hope to others out there that good things still do happen and God is still in the business of miracles.  Our thanks to Pastor Martie for calling them and giving them a head's up and for Bob and Pete coming to see us and putting the story together.

Speaking of miracles, Sus made a couple of steps of faith today that also produced incredible results.  We now have a big dumpster in the back yard and will most likely have it donated before we're done.  They already gave her an amazing deal and had sweetened the deal even before the end of the day!  And she also managed to get a banner/sign donated to put in the front yard.  The title will read, The House that the Lord is Building.  Bev came up with the title and it's perfect.  The sign company is going to mount it on a board that can be posted in the front yard and leave enough room that folks can stop by and write well wishes and prayers for Michael.  Both of these things happened because Sus took the step of faith to make the calls!  God had both miracles just waiting in the wings until someone decided to step in and take them!  Wonder how many more He has waiting for us all?

Tomorrow will be Jack and Louis's last day.  I have no doubt that they will have all the walls newly framed in which means that we will be ready for the plumbing and electrical and then move on to closing it up with walls and ceilings!  This was the week that put us over the hump and we are forever grateful to these 2 men of God who listened to His call and obeyed!  We hope to see them back for the House Blessing!

Jack and Louis will be coming to our house for dinner tomorrow night and will help us celebrate Monty's birthday!  It will give us a chance to visit and say goodbye and thank you and also to be sad to see them leave!  Fridays with volunteer teams are always a mixture of thanksgiving for what they've done and sad to see them leave.  I guess I should be used to it but . . . I'm not!

Until next time . . . we love New Jersey!                            Susan and Monty

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