Saturday, May 01, 2010

Jack came back

Our 3rd orientation of the week brought Jack and his team from the Houston area back to work with us. They were here a few months ago and built a handicapped ramp for Jose and his wife. This time they were only here for the day and they were inside installing trim, outside putting up fence and inside the garage removing the damaged sheetrock on the ceiling for Joyce. If the delivery of the sheetrock had been on time they would have also gotten it rehung in the garage but . . .
It's always good to have teams returning and we thank them for taking one of their weekend days to come and get so much done and put a wonderful smile on Joyce's face.
Our other Texas team that arrived Thursday were pouring it on today. They were at Collier and Justine's building a shingled roof covering over their front door and also finished up the tape coats inside on the new walls. The other half of them (actually two thirds of them) were finishing installing the last pieces of sheetrock in the utility room while the others were starting the taping and mudding. Lawrence was feeling enough better and with a back brace on he was helping everyone get done what they wanted to get done. Arnesha also had her mud pan and knife working away. I have a feeling that even though the team is leaving tonight the both of them will be mudding all day tomorrow to give the Monday team a head start.
It's been quite the busy week with 3 orientations of new teams. While I was checking on teams today I was once again amazed at the progress that happened in just one week!
Joyce just needs 3 gates for her fence and carpeting installed inside and she will be done!
Collier and Justine are nearly ready for primer and paint.
Lawrence and Arnesha will most likely be primed by the end of next week and maybe painted also.
Amazing work, amazing teams, amazing hearts of service who come to be a blessing and leave so much more than they can imagine -- hope, love and a vision of Jesus -- with each homeowner, with each other and with everyone who is watching them while they are here!
Until next time . . . thanks teams!!!! Susan and Monty

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